I just… don’t really feel anything from the syn?

So yes, I’m fairly newish at this and prostate stuff. That said, I feel like I ought to feel… something? I pop the helix in and just don’t feel much of anything at all. I’ve tried doing the PC / sphincter flexes and all, and while I still have trouble getting consistent involuntaries, I just feel like this must not be the right shape for me or something. I feel like I ought to feel *something* just to let me know it’s hitting the right spot, right? Do I need to maybe change to a different toy? Or is this really just inexperience?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/nzyiw2/i_just_dont_really_feel_anything_from_the_syn/


  1. Some people don’t feel much from any p play, but i find more pressure = less sensitivity. I use the Eupho which is the smallest one for this reason

  2. I know some people don’t like me saying this. But have tried poppers. It seem to work with me. Bare in mind they are few side effects

  3. Hey there. I’m a beginner at this, and haven’t really used other toys, just the Helix Syn. I’m having something of the same experience as you, in not feeling much yet – moving through feeling maybe it’s too small, etc – haven’t had any involuntary spasms or anything. But I’m enjoying the sensations I am getting – and I’ve gotten the message from other people here that with the aneros you just have to relax and lose all expectation, and let your prostrate slowly grow more sensitive to it. I’m wondering if your use of the other toy is setting a higher expectation, and making it harder for you to grow sensitive to the subtlety of the aneros.

    The aneros seems to be something of a longer, zen journey rather than something to get your rocks off quickly. The idea seems to be to slowly train your body to respond to it.

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