Success! Questions. Confusedish? Newbie Post.

TL;DR: Do I have superpowers now?

Prelude – Last Friday I decided to start experimenting with mindgasm, I’ve experimented before but I feel as though I’ve failed to truly identify my prostate as a, or rather the primary sexual organ. Reading the posts there and here led me to really desire focusing on and expanding these feelings. On Tuesday my Aneros (progasm ice) arrived, I certainly felt a massive difference in stimulation from that and any other toy I have used previously… everything until this point has felt good (like my other experiments) but nothing really clicked. Untill….

Yesterday morning… I had previously read about sleeping as a method to relax and experience. Around 130am when the wife left lubed up and laid back down to sleep for a few more hours. I fell asleep, and I specifically remember mid dream I was feel great, but it pulled me out of the dream save for a rogue voice that I clearly heard say “until you learn to relax you will never be able to use this perfectly designed too to its fullest extent. Snap back to reality, I do wake up to great sensations but my exploration quickly killed the connection which I could not then recreate…