Success! Questions. Confusedish? Newbie Post.

TL;DR: Do I have superpowers now?

Prelude – Last Friday I decided to start experimenting with mindgasm, I’ve experimented before but I feel as though I’ve failed to truly identify my prostate as a, or rather the primary sexual organ. Reading the posts there and here led me to really desire focusing on and expanding these feelings. On Tuesday my Aneros (progasm ice) arrived, I certainly felt a massive difference in stimulation from that and any other toy I have used previously… everything until this point has felt good (like my other experiments) but nothing really clicked. Untill….

Yesterday morning… I had previously read about sleeping as a method to relax and experience. Around 130am when the wife left lubed up and laid back down to sleep for a few more hours. I fell asleep, and I specifically remember mid dream I was feel great, but it pulled me out of the dream save for a rogue voice that I clearly heard say “until you learn to relax you will never be able to use this perfectly designed too to its fullest extent. Snap back to reality, I do wake up to great sensations but my exploration quickly killed the connection which I could not then recreate…

That afternoon… put me back in the game coach. Another session. I’ve worked on meditation and hypnosis before, if I tied these two together I could use my own tricks to aid in relaxation. Laid down with the progasm in and I did nothing but focus on breathing, relaxation, and the feeling of pressure on the prostate. Get a few involuntarily (sweeeeeeeet) but they would fade when I got excited and “examined” the muscles to see what was actually happening. Realized that I needed to focus on relaxing when they happened and enjoy the sensation that they caused rather then the mode or function of the contraction. So now I’m getting decent waves that are sustaining quiet well. I actually would intentionally stop them to focus on taking deep breaths and relax the rest of my body before settling back in and letting them happen.

Around the end of my session, I decided to experiment with binaural beats. My main reasoning for doing this was to deepen my meditative state. I dont exactly think that tones themselves have special powers, but they are extremely effective at #1 blocking out outside noise and #2 I’ve found that you can “fold” my large chunk of my consciousness into a wave by “examining” it in its entirity therefore deepening my meditative state. It worked, I was quite deep and very relaxed. Kind of a chicken and egg situation arose but I fixated on the idea that the wave was being transferred into my massager and that I could feel the vibration by focusing on the piece focusing on incredible subtle vibrations and movement and tying them to points in the wave. It didn’t take long before it actually started happening, my involuntarilys were mimicking the sound, super cool. Felt suuuuper good. Ended session.

Excited about what I had accomplished I decided to have another session in the evening. Ordered some edibles from the local dispensary kept “practicing” sound associations delivery didn’t arrive till late. But I’ve heard that it helps sessions. It ended up being more like a brain grenade for me. 30 mg edible started to kick in somehow I was in bed alone so I put on headphones and listened to the waves. But what had previously been a learning experience that was difficult to maintain now felt like riding a bike. My rudimentary involuntary contractions which mimicked the waves were replaced by a prostate Mozart that refused to be interrupted. Every time the beat changed the wave my body would emit would change with it. Some were crazy fast pulses, I kept up. Some were longer and more of a grinding feeling, which amazingly my body adapted and muscles simulate unparalleled kegeling abilities. Non freaking stop. I realized that I no longer needed to focus on tying the massager to the wave, it knew what its purpose was. I could now immerse myself into the feelings and sensations and lose myself in growing them. It was absolutely 100% wild. Only problem, I had no idea what to “do” with it. Not only that bit after all of the days experimentation my muscles were beat street (I think arousal had slightly given way to amazment) touched my dick, got hard. Felt the orgasmic sensation and stopped moving my hand and let the prostate massages push me over the edge. I would say this is honestly my first pgasm the biggest difference was for sure the aftermath feeling. Still wet, still had penile involvement, just came (lmao) from a different place.

This morning, I feel everything. Like. Everything. No massager at all. I noticed a rhythmic sound and felt involuntary gently pulsating giving me a rather nice tingle and enjoyed the sensation but didn’t really dwell on it. I sat down to work (thank God for WFH) and notice that I could feel my heartbeat through my prostate, which was fantastic. I have also retained the ability to control my involuntarys by focusinging on the sensation I want to feel and letting the muscles carry out the action. Of course today is the day I have video calls I’m integrally involved in all day. Still of course I’m toying with it, there’s part of me that’s worried if I stop I will lose the progress that I’ve made. Thus far I have been able to Sprouse out a dry mini o, still getting used to what sensations will cause me to actually explode looking forward to the experiments though. Everything feels so. Damn. Good.

Does anyone relate to this post? Have any experience with the aftermath like this? Does the ability to call these feeling up so readily fade? Or do you just gain more control over when you WANT to feel them at a time that’s appropriate? I feel like my whole world has shifted and unfortunately the only place to comfortably talk about it is here. Appreciate any answers or comments =)



  1. Binanural beats helped me to learn the feelings of what I should be feeling. (Now I dont need to use them anymore) also most Binanural beats focus around the penis hfo so Altho you are getting the feelings its hard to have a super o with the beats I feel. But its a great way to learn. I prefer to use Binanural with no aneros and you still get the same feelings to learn from (also check out shibbysays, is alot of hypnosis audio “porn” around which is another great rabbit hole to head down.

    At the start I was scared of the post days feeling where my prostate was going crazy and I could not contain it (felt like electricity waves). But that goes and you can control it. I can now start an aless session just by squeezing and concentrating, but can just stop it by not thinking about it. So much of this entire thing is mental.

    Keep enjoying the road, and try with and without Binanural. Also give some hypnosis/Binanural a shot (shibbysays has great stuff and she has one specifically for aneros… but many without and its a wide range whatever kinks you are into… shibbysays super O slut is the one

  2. Could you perhaps link some of the binaural beats used, if they’re online? There’s a million of them on YouTube, but much is garbage, and I’m not really sure which ones would be good for this.

  3. Interesting, I believe I woke my prostate as you just have last week. It’s almost like it realises its potential and wants to misbehave at any given opportunity. For men its settled back down now but for a few days I was scared to sit down or even think about it as it began inducing involuntarys constantly. Fyi, I still have yet to experience a p.o

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