Effect of working long hours on sessions

I’ve had the helix trident syn (my first toy, total beginner) since December and was making good progress I thought but have recently regressed to a place of less sensation. I was on furlough for a while and not working until six weeks ago when I started back at my restaurant.

I have been working 60 hour weeks and a lot of the time feel physically and mentally drained. I’m assuming this is the cause of my progression stalling and was wondering if anybody else can relate?

Does work life get in the way of your prostate enjoyment?
Do you get more success when less stressed and better rested?
If not could this just be a natural flux in my journey?

Thank you for sharing any thoughts

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  1. Also I did a week of kegel excercises a few weeks ago and now feel less movement down there. Have I overtrained the pc muscle maybe and could this adversely effect my sessions too?

  2. So the stress can definitely set you back. I started back on my prostate journey right before a big time consuming few weeks. I was seeing alot of success and having alot of “oh shit thats new” moments.

    Then i got really busy working until about midnight some nights and still trying to have some sessions. I can’t tell you how many times i fell asleep on myself. I didn’t want to give up, but i just couldn’t stay awake. My wife made fun of me a few times for trying to do it anyway.

    I don’t really play much on my own at the moment, but not being exhausted did make a huge difference for me and now its much easier to get in the right headspace again.

  3. Definitely. I can totally relate and your suspicions are correct. Stress is the opposite of relaxation and we need to be relaxed in order to perceive the sensations that prostate stimulation provides.

    Stress releases a hormone into your body. Back in the “days” where we had to fight for survival in the wild it was something we really needed to sustain. Nowadays there is no real “threat” so we tend to make up our own (work related worries/relationships/study you name it etc.)

    Stress puts you into flight/fight response, evolution did not change that (yet).

    When i am stressed, i don’t even try prostate stimulation that often, as i pretty much know that i won’t get anywhere. However there are techniques to reduce stress, for example meditation as it puts you back into the moment. It works like a charm, but having such a work intense week, i have no time and prefer a good nap to be able to have a productive next day (I’m self employed)

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