Lube amount and reapplication? (Discuss)

I have a lube shooter myself. When I apply lube I have usually inserted what I feel is almost a reservoir up my butt (I’ll also lube the toy up as well). I reapplied every 30-45 minutes. A bit graphic, but after the session, I would have to visit the toilet at least 3 times to release the remaining lube. Recently, since I am kinda low on lube, I didn’t put as much lube up my butt and the end result is that I didn’t have any discomfort from the toy. Granted, I haven’t had any kind of orgasm from prostate play, but the session was one of my better ones. Is there a thing as too much lube? If so, could that inhibit the success of a session? Have I been throwing my money down the toilet from using too much lube? How much lube do you guys use and is there a general time or a feeling you get inside that calls for relubing?



  1. I usually use about 15ml of lube. I us K-Lube and I make it pretty thick. I will sometimes reapply once in a multi hour session.

    I think there may be such a thing as too much lube. If I put too much in, I get cramps and that “gotta poop” feeling. I imagine excessive lube inflates the colon a bit and may seperate your Aneros from where it should be.

    Keep in mind that everyone is different, and everyone is different from who they were a month ago. I am constantly adjusting my technique, building off of what feels good.

    Anyway, I’m high…lol

    Have fun!

  2. I have a .5″ outside diameter lube shooter, and generally apply 2-3″ of Boy Butter (original version) then very lightly lube the toy to insert. With this, I don’t need to apply again for up to an overnight session (5-7 hours or so). I have tried a lot more lube, and agree, you can use too much (esp. if not water-based) and over-lubing can give you some bowel irritation.

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