Anal experimentation with a beautiful woman.

That's right! Today was the day! Who thought it'd come so soon? Surely not I.

Amber (The girlfriend, remember?) and I were laying in my bed, I had gotten naked and she stripped down to just her panties. We were just relaxing, talking. I was most definitely horny. Not using my Helix the night before or that morning had built up some serious anticipation. I was giving her a back massage, she would occasionally give my member some attention, a brush here, a caress there. She moved a bit lower and gave my scrotum and perineum their share. That really got me going. Lots of kissing, panting and heavy breathing, but then the action stopped there. Damn! She had some homework to do. So she got up, got on my computer, and started at it. I just laid there and began to do some contractions. Throughout the day I was again feeling those flutters, I really am not sure if they are the Echo Effects, since I feel them both without my Helix inserted and with. Anyways. I was a little upset, as she could tell, since we only had a few hours together and she would be spending them doing homework, so she decided that it could be done later that night, so we could have some fun together! 😉

Experiences of a Self Deluded Fool

So. I decided it's time to tell my story.

I am 18 years old, I feel young in this community, most of what I've read has been from older gentlemen. Anyhow. I have a very high sex drive, as I imagine most 18 year old men do, and I quickly found masturbation became stagnant and boring. The first time I experimented with anal stimulation was a couple years ago. I used my fingers at first, then an old dildo I'd found in a box of old stuff in our garage. I imagine it was my mother's. (don't worry, I washed the thing like 20 times by hand, then ran it through the dishwasher twice.) It was okay, but nothing great. I messed around and explored my anal cavity for about three months, but then gave it up from lack of explosive feelings. I never told anyone about this.

About a month ago, I told my girlfriend. She's the most amazing person.. She's what I live for. I knew she wouldn't judge. I knew she'd not even bat an eye. The only reason I hadn't brought it up sooner was simply because it didn't occur to me. So we had a talk. Then she offered to give me a prostate massage. I eagerly accepted. And I mean eagerly! So we got naked, and she proceeded to give me a blowjob. She then inserted a lubed finger, and got to work. It was, up til then, the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. We did that a few more times, had sex afterwords once or twice, and during this process I was researching online. I came across this site almost immediately, and was impressed. I read about 100 testimonials before I came to the decision I'd buy a Helix. So me and my girlfriend went down to the local sex store! "Castle: Knights and Damsels welcome!"