Anal experimentation with a beautiful woman.

That's right! Today was the day! Who thought it'd come so soon? Surely not I.

Amber (The girlfriend, remember?) and I were laying in my bed, I had gotten naked and she stripped down to just her panties. We were just relaxing, talking. I was most definitely horny. Not using my Helix the night before or that morning had built up some serious anticipation. I was giving her a back massage, she would occasionally give my member some attention, a brush here, a caress there. She moved a bit lower and gave my scrotum and perineum their share. That really got me going. Lots of kissing, panting and heavy breathing, but then the action stopped there. Damn! She had some homework to do. So she got up, got on my computer, and started at it. I just laid there and began to do some contractions. Throughout the day I was again feeling those flutters, I really am not sure if they are the Echo Effects, since I feel them both without my Helix inserted and with. Anyways. I was a little upset, as she could tell, since we only had a few hours together and she would be spending them doing homework, so she decided that it could be done later that night, so we could have some fun together! 😉

So. We got to talking about introducing her to Anal Sex/Stimulation again. As we were doing this I had stuck my hand down her panties, and was gently rubbing her anus. (She doesn't mind this, so long as I don't try to sneak my finger in without permission, which I wouldn't do anyways. Unless it was properly lubed. Hehehe. But no, seriously, I wouldn't.) This went on for a while, and she was still hesitant about taking it farther, so I relented. She got up, saying she needed to use the restroom, and left the room. She came back in a few minutes, and told me that she had been extremely wet. Looks like the idea was starting to get her excited!! She'd just made a bowel movement, she informed me, but was still worried about a mess. I reminded her about the syringe I'd been using to douche before sessions, something I forgot to mention to all you readers earlier. She told me she really didn't understand the process and seemed uncomfortable with the idea in general. So I offered my help. And off to the restroom were we!

I'd decided I'd show her how I do things first. I simply turn on the bath water, wait til it's the right temperature, fill a glass, and then suck it into the syringe. I then squat and steadily apply pressure, til all the water is securely nestled in my anus. For those of you who haven't tried this, it is a rather pleasing sensation. Then you feel the need to make a bowel movement, so I sat on the toilet, and pushed. She got a surprised expression on her face when she heard the stream of water being expelled, and started laughing once she realized where it was coming from. "It sounds like you're peeing!" she teased. Well, now it was her turn!

So I filled the syringe about half full, I thought I'd start with less, since this was her first time with any kind of anal stimulation, and some people do find these things uncomfortable. I had her get down on her hands and knees, and spread her cheeks for me. For those of you who have not seen this, it is a very very beautiful sight. Her small, pink anus, above the slit of her womanhood, her rounded buttocks, her elegant thighs and the arch of her back. Absolutely stunning. I was instantly and intensely aroused. I inserted the tip of the syringe, and applied pressure. She seemed a little uncomfortable, and said it felt weird, but she said she didn't hate it. She sat on the toilet, and expelled the water. We repeated this several times, three to be precise. I enjoyed it immensely! It turned out to be a very erotic and sensual experience, for the both of us. Knowing that she trusts me enough to do this, and that she's comfortable enough around me, means more to me than I can describe.

We decided we'd start off slowly, and I told her the moment she was ready to stop to simply say so and I would. I laid a towel on the bed and grabbed the lube. I motioned for her to lay on her back, with her hips even with the edge of the bed. I kneeled on the floor between her legs, and began kissing her inner thighs. I applied some lube to the tip of my finger, and rubbed it on and around her anus. I lubed up the rest of my finger, and began to insert it slowly. She was both embarrassed and unaccustomed to the strange feelings. She covered her face, and began to tense up, so I stopped and told her to relax, that she's had much bigger bowel movements than the size of my finger, and that when she tenses up it simply feels like it's much too big. She relaxed a little, but not completely. I went a little farther, got to about the second digit, then she asked me to stop, she'd had enough. I told her how amazing it had been, and how much it meant to me, and she said we could continue the experimentation tomorrow. 😉

Unfortunately it was time for her to leave. 🙁
So I took her home, and came back to my Helix. It'd been an exciting day, and I was extremely aroused. I began preparing. I went to the bathroom, douched, set out the towel and lube, then went for the Helix. I lubed myself up, as well as the Aneros, and gently inserted it. I applied pressure up to the point where my rectum takes over, and simply let it have what it wanted. A most enjoyable sensation. I'd decided this time that I'd relax thoroughly before starting my session. So relax I did. I began some rhythmic breathing, not thinking about much, some sexual thoughts of Amber flew through my head here and there, including a fantasy that surprised me a little, though I guess in retrospect it really shouldn't have. She was wearing a strap-on and pounding my anal cavity relentlessly. This got me really excited. I couldn't help but make a small contraction, which triggered several of those flutters, and even an involuntary contraction! My very first! Things were getting pretty good. I kept up the small contractions, holding them and enjoying the fluttering sensations. I'd then relax and add a stronger contraction, and slowly ease off until I found the perfect amount of pressure to apply. After repeating this cycle a few times, I began to experience a light-headed sensation, that seemed to spread throughout my body. It began to feel as though I was rocking smoothly back in forth, as if at sea. This lasted for about five minutes or so, but then I lost it. Is this what a P-wave is? It sounds similar, from what I've read. It was most definitely enjoyable. However, as soon as it left I felt that it wasn't going to come back, that I'd already passed the peak for this session. So I began to masturbate to that a fore mentioned fantasy. It didn't take long, and I experienced a mildly-intense orgasm.

It wasn't the longest session, and it didn't end all that impressively, but it was a session of firsts. My first involuntary contraction and, I believe, my first P-wave. That's a winner in my book! And man did I like that fantasy! We might just have to try that. 😉

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read this, that's all for now.

So, until then.



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