Is this supposed to be funney…?

I don’t know if it’s suppose to make you laugh, but some of the feelings I’m beginning to get are. Well, chuckles really, but I can’t help it, literally, I cannot stop the chuckles when the tingly feelings start. Maybe I’m ticklish inside too, I'm ticklish just about everywhere else.
These effects are still pretty brief, only a couple of seconds, but hey, I’m not complaining.
Still experimenting, lying on my right side seems to be the one at the moment, it feels like there is good contact inside. Tried it on my back, knees up and feet flat on the bed, and there is a definite feeling of there being more space available, but when I contract, I get the feeling that the head of the Aneros is moving down towards the end of my spine, and away from the prostate. Still need to practice muscle control, but the spasms are beginning to come, when they do get going, they are starting to trigger off these other feelings, and they are starting to move further into my body, my abdomen at the moment.

Recently had another good look through the forum and blogs, and got to realising how fantastic it was to see men talking about all the things that get talked about on here. Women have been doing it for years – part of their liberation and ‘re-birth’ I think during the 60’s and 70’s – but it’s wonderful to find a place where men are doing the same. Just wonder how open and frank we would still be if we were all in the same room together and not hidden behind computer monitors!!!

Had to abandon tonights session, the north pole has moved to my neck of the woods and I slipped on the ice, landing right on the base of my spine. Trying to use my MGX was just too uncomfortable.

Its the big chat session tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
Bye for now, from a cold and bruised me.