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rook's_ride_03 [– Modifying a Program for a guy with moderate bph]
6 ft. / 180lb / 45gm prostate / MBTI=ESTJ / 8 mos. journey

Disclaimer: 'rook' is not a medical professional, has no credentials or experience in the field of Proctology and has only six months experience using Progasm for prostate massage. High Island Health has a skilled team of experts in massager design. These people seem to know what they are doing and probably understand the medical hazards in design of prostate massagers. They no doubt have extensive knowledge about the range of adult male prostate and procto characteristics and qualities.

Any modifications to an Aneros tool involve unknown risks and could cause either temporary or permanent bodily damage. Simply put, once you undertake any modification, you are on your own.

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I'm not 'average' in my physical qualities. I have an enlarged prostate, and probably less rectal elasticity/resiliency that the average Forum participant but my pelvic floor musculature is pretty good. Put another way, your mileage [u]WILL[/u] vary.

[u]What these mods accomplished:[/u]
— better differentiation of my PC muscle group from my anal sphincter (Program mod. has been a far better Kegel exercise tool than the stock Progasm)
— better k-tab and p-tab contact when fully inserted
— sensation of improved prostate contact in the vicinity of the bladder neck (more distinct "urge to urinate" per the Wiki milestone list.)
— easier (but not 'easy') insertion to full penetration
— lessened tendency to eject.
— Cowpers stimulation (pre-cum flow) increased. Roughly matching that of MGX
— Increased vertical maneuverability with anal contraction. (note though that I'm unable to 'wag' this tool laterally like I can with Helix.)
— lost about 3/8" of total tool length, as measured from narrow portion of stem to tip of head. (not a plus.)
— gained ability to "hyper-penetrate" using a glut squeeze
— some loss of anal 'purchase' on the stem due to smaller diameter (for me the 7/16" diameter seems to be a good trade-off. (a ridged stem, like MGX or SGX might be a plus.)

What was done:
— changed stem cross section from oval to 7/16" circular and extended the narrow poriton of the stem upward toward the body.
— removed about 1/16" of material from all lateral surfaces
— removed about 1/16" of material from all posterior (dorsal surfaces)
— removed about 3/32" of material from front (ventral face) and top of head.
— carved two 5/32" deep grouves on either side of body midline and blended these into the body, yielding a 'gentle' ridge along the ventral midline.
— note: I've made no adjustment in either tab.
— note: since this is still a work in progress, I've not done any final polishing. The surface is about the same as an off-the-shelf sample.

What I'd try next time (and there will probably be a, "next time").
— 'move' the circularized portion of the stem downward, closer to the abutment arms (hopefully a gain in total penetration at the cost of losing the glut-squeeze capability.)
— further reduce the lateral dimensions of both the upper body and the head
— be more conservative in carving away the the forward (ventral surface of the head).
— be more observant of ejection tendencies with each modificaiton.
— experiment with making more room between the head and the vental body to accommodate a larger than average prostate.
— strive to keep personal whims and emotions out of the project. A disciplined lab notebook would probably be a good idea!

Some comments on Condom-lube with the Progasm:
— head maneuverability is better, I attain better penetration and have to maintain less contraction to prevent ejection..
— condoms ribbed along the lower shaft provide some anal stim and seem to reduce the tendency to eject. Note: Durex "Ultimate feeling" has these ribs. The competing Trojan product has ribs further up the shaft.
— be sparing with lube inside the condom, about 1/3 what you might use with helix or MGX. Otherwise, upon insertion and your first contraction, you'll eject (burp) a massive amount of lube from inside the condom.
— Prelube with a Shea butter lube and smear Shea on the outside surface of the condom.

Abrasive materials used:
— Bench grinder (the idea of another Forum member) worked well for hoging large areas sides, head etc.
— 7/16" rat-tail file good for carving stem.
— 3/8" Dremel burr was good to carve stem.
— 3/8" Dremel stone sphere was good for rough finishing of stem
— 1/8" Dremel cylinder was good to burnish out nicks and molding defects that sometimes appeared below the surface.
— 3M, Type 24 Fabricut, 400 grit, sheets cut into 1/2" x 11: strips were good for intermediate finishing of stem and contours around head and body.
— Scotchbrite pads (Forum friend suggested these) were great for all phases of final finishing.v I suggest a final finish with TurtleWax polishing abrasive — strive to make it look like a black Corvette or Mustang with a freshly shined clearcoat !

The Black acetal works as poorly as ABS. It's somewhat resilient and unless held firmly tends to bounce on a grinding wheel. It also tends to chip and pockmark. Most of the hand work was done with the abutment fin clamped into a bench vice. The fin seems quite rugged and will stand a lot of force in either axis. The dremel will burnish out most accidents. It also helps to think of any indentations as offering new opportunities for stimulation. My finished product looked like an old throwing weapon from many a bar fight.

Illustration: Highly polished stock Progasm on left. Phase 1 modification on right

Some options for Phase 2 mods.

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