I'm surfing again…

I was prompted to recall memories from my youth this evening, which I hadn't thought about in a very long time. In the late 70's, I got into a bit of a surfing kick and spent one summer on the beaches of Newquay in Cornwall learning to surf. For most of the first week or so, all I did was try and stay upright, and failed. But when frustration was begining to set in, I got it and surfed a wave all the way to the beach, and this wave was huge, 12 maybe even 15……..inches high, but I stood on the board and rode it all the way in. For the rest of the holiday, I was calling everyone Dude with a new found enthusiasm. (I did ride bigger waves later on!!)

This evening I rode my fist wave again thanks to my MGX. In my previous blog, I mentioned falling badly on the ice which has covered my little island, which made using the aneros unpleasent, and although still sore, I decided to try again.
It's odd how things change, in my last few sessions I got the best results on my side, tonight, it was on my back. I had lain on my right side for a good half an hour, just trying to visualise what was going on inside with each slightest sensation, then I must have fallen asleep. As usual, I had a movie running on the tv, not to watch, but with the volume off and the lights low, lots of colours and patterns are reflected on the walls and ceiling. Tonights film was the 'Train Robbers' with John Wayne, and when I checked the timer, I reckon I had slept for about 40 minutes.
Anyway, for variation, I decided to try on my back again and began gentle contractions. The spasms and involentary contractions increase in quantity and strenght with each session, and this time, they out did themselves, and I had, what I guess is called, my first mini 'o'. Everything from my abdomen to my knees went into convulsions, and a sort of pulsating, warm wave (best way I can discribe it) radiated out from my groin or abdomen area. It felt fantastic as I lay there with a stupid grin on my face.
I had, I think, about half a dozen over a 10 minute period, each lasting about a minute or so. I would relax, and then a slight contraction and off it went again.
Unfortunatly, it all came to a premature end. I had an urgent need to fart and tried to squeeze it out past the aneros as I had done before, but this time the Mgx shot out with a pop 3 feet across the bed. I slid it back, and for ten minutes or so tried again, but it didn't feel the same.

So, another session done, and another tick in the book. I really am begining to love this weird little plastic thing!

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