Long Journey

I started this adventure in 2008 Did not go well for me first five years and threw 2 devices away, However i kept getting called back. I think it is official that the last three years have been worth the wait. The last 6 months have been my most rewarding. I now have the time and the patience to relax and enjoy and have learned so many things along the way good and bad. My typical session now is 45 mins to a hour, i can have up to 3 pleasurable events during that time. mini o’s, o’s, maybe super o’s not sure how to label but i have learned it does not matter it all feels good. i can end every session with a very pleasurable HFWO if i want to and usually do about every two weeks. I have not had to touch my cock to come in months but i did the other day just for old times sake. Still felt good by the way. I am also now having great success with a-less sessions wich are great if you have limited time or privacy issues. Today i was feeling the urge but had to leave in about 30 mins. i had to get changed to go out so i decided to lay on the bed naked and give it a try. the room was warm but the ac was on and the ceiling fan was blowing just right stimulating my skin and genital area. I have developed good nipple stimulation techniques and with in minutes the pleasure was building. today was a little different though i was having very quick but strong uncontrollable contractions or twitches like a orgasmic contraction but only one at a time and spaced out every ten seconds or so. My cock got very hard but I did not feel like i was going to cum. The spasms kept happening short and quick hard to explain. I new I was short on time so I think that was in the back of my mind. had to stop but I have to say was probably one of the most unusual and enjoyable sessions to date. No tsure if I was on to something that could have been even more amazing if I had had the time to continue, but I guess that is what will get me back the next time. This is definitly a mind set and once you can realize that and enjoy whats happening it all seems easy. so glad I had the desire to keep at it for so long, I think the best is yet to Cum.

A-Less Awakening

Recently I have been having for me good sessions with both of my models. waves of pleasure with what i am now guessing where mini o’s if i had to label. The problem was when things really felt good i would let go and have a hfwo. after a couple sessions like this I was able to control the ejaculation but had to stop and re start. was still able to get back the mini o’s but was definitly still approaching ejaculation orgasm so i would control them. I felt I was making some progress because the sessions and mini o’s felt good and I was able to hold back on ejaculation but was a little dissapointed that the ejaculation response was still running the show. i decided to try some quick a-less sessions recently due to lack of time for prep clean up and privacy issues. Surprisingly they where great, was able to achieve the same results as with the Aneros. Decided to let go on the first time because it was feeling so good and once again hfwo. tried a few more times and was able to have nice short sessions and control the ejaculation but never really let go. Then today happened, Decided to sneak in a a-less session my arousal was high and wanted to give it a go. Things felt different this time I was building to what before was what I am calling a mini o but it went to the next level with no urge to ejaculate. The feelings in my penis where incredible and it was as plump and hard as it could be I would look down and could not believe what was happening. I had no focus on my penis it was just feeling amazing and was as hard as a rock, with every little contraction I thought the head was going to pop off and no urge to ejaculate. at the same time I had a tremendous warm feeling in my whole groin, and pelvic area. I was having orgasmic contractions but not ejaculatory contractions. i was soaking it in and waiting for it to end in a ejaculation, but it just kept going on penis bulging testicles tingling and hanging loose, legs trembling a little now and then, an occasional spastic jerk from the lower abdomen area. I would snap out of it and look around to see what was going on and want more so I just relaxed and it started over again and again. It never really stopped but i could make it more intense by just riding with it. Never even had the urge to ejaculate but i thought for sure I was going to. It finally subsided I think because my body needed a break and I just layed there thinking wow what just happened. Definitly a place I have never been before and look forward to getting back to again soon.
Its hard to stop thinking about it I feel a whole new sensual energy coursing through my body and if I just think about it can almost bring it back. Wow another chapter but a really good one.

Breakthrough and realization

I had my best session to date this morning and it just happened to be A-less. My wife left for work and I was getting ready to take a shower, I got undressed and decided to just lay down on the bed for a little bit and see if I could just relax and make myself feel good. I laid on my back knees up cocked flopped forward and down and just relaxed for a couple minutes, It felt good to just not think about anything and relax, i started some nipple stimulation and was suprised at the response my body gave me. I started to feel warm sensations in my groin and my prostate twitched a couple times very gently. My cock started to get hard on its own like i was 16 again. I continued to play with my nipples and relax into the feelings, I was moaning and breathing heavy, heart was racing and occasionally a quick sudden spasm would go through my body. This went on for several minutes and the feelings where getting more and more pleasurable. I was making noises and moaning and moving around still breathing heavy. I started thinking something is happening here I never make noises like this and shake with pleasure this much even during traditional orgasm. This went on for at least 5 minutes and then calmed down. I just laid there for a minute to see what would happen, everything just wound down. i did not want to try and start over again so I got up to get my shower. My heart was still pumping faster then normal I felt flushed and relaxed but not drained. I believe i was orgasming like I have never before and did not realize what was happening. It had to be some form of orgasm I was involuntarily making noises and moving around cock was three quarters hard and felt great with no stimulation. recently I have been having hfwo’s with my Aneros in at the end of sessions. i think i was getting clost to dry o’s but the switch would go off to more traditional ejaculation response. Not this time however, not even the slightest feeling of build up to ejaculation just mild pleasure throughout with an occasional heavy contraction or spasm. I realized all these other times I have been expecting some type of Orgasm that resembled a traditional orgasm and have been dissapointed when It did not happen. I would then tense up gyrate around and force myself to have a hfwo. Not this time however and no aneros involved. Not sure what it was but it felt very good. Had great plans of trying again later with the Aneros to see if I could duplicate the experiance. Well that did not work, got interupted by the phone, then my dog and could not get anything going. I hope that was not my one and only something O. i am just going to keep moving forward on this journey it has been starting to get very interesting and pleasurable lately.

new beginning

I think I finally understand what a prostate orgasm feels like. In the past i believe i was wishing i had one but it was more of a traditional orgasm in disguise. I usually had to have some form of penis contact to initiate a orgasm and most of the time they ended with ejaculation. Todays session however was totally different. I had some alone time and it was a nice warm day so i just relaxed naked on my bed and let things happen. Almost imediatly i was able to relax and get a warm feeling in my groin, I tried a little nipple stim and my prostate pulsed and i had some very light back to back contractions. the warm feelings continued with more lite pulsing and as occasional soft contraction deep inside, not like a traditional pc contraction. This went on for about 15 minutes I have never had this much activity a-less before. I decided its time to try the aneros, I lubed my ass with a finger and some water based lube, I then lubed my ps-new with some coconut oil topped off with more gel lube. I put it in and relaxed on my back legs up. with in minutes i could feel the aneros as if it was filling my rectom and warmly pressing on my prostate. I relaxed and enjoyed, then a warm rush a couple of pulses and two or three very light internal contractions like i have not really felt before. they subsided and came back again. there was a build up of good feelings then the pulsing and contractions. Very light nothing like a traditional orgasm contraction. This happened three or for times with a few minutes in between. Things calmed down so I swithched to my Helix synn. I have been going back and forth between two models during a session, when things calm down I switch to the other one. Today I think that backfired because when I switched it was like having to start all over again. I was able to get some results with the helix but not as nice so I switched back again. after a little while I was able to get the pulsing and contractions going again. I have never had this happen before it would build do its thing and then subside, rest and build again. I think it was some form of a real prostate orgasm. They felt very nice they where very subtle and warm. After one hour and a half i decided to stop. I usually do not go this long and did not even realize it was that long. I laid there after removing my device and just relaxed. I decided to see if I could get a erection and started playing with myself, almost instantly i had the urge that i was going to come i was not even hard at all. I stopped because i was not intending to ejaculate after my session. i was able to hold back and then my cock just leaked some clear fluid. I Think it was built up pre cum from my session. i decided to clean up. I was all relaxed and washed out like i had had a real intense sex session. i think I will stick to only one model per session from here on the alternating is a distraction. I truley believe this was the first time i really experienced prostate pleasure and not traditional orgasm pleasure. Not a super o by any means but very encouraging. Looking forward to more pleasure in the future if I can get the house alone again.


I think I am finally at peace with my Aneros mission and that is what it took to get positive results. You read and hear about all of the advise, ” dont expect too much, just relax, dont try to make something happen” and it all sounds so easy and also like a bunch of BS but I finally get it. and it is not something you do, it is more of an acceptance of your own personal situation and letting it happen for you. There you go another line for someone to read and say. Yea right! But for me I feel like I finally am enjoying my sessions and letting them go at their own pace and good things are starting to happen. Not sure exactly what is happening but it is much more enjoyable now. I can start out just relaxing on the bed and try a little a-less to get things going, with a little nipple stim I can have warm intermitttint pulses in my prostate. When that subsides, I can lube up and put in my Aneros, It feels great going in and I am already relaxed from the a-less and with in minutes the warm pulsing starts again. At this point the feelings are much more pleasurable and they build to what feels like might be a orgasm but hey subside after a few nice pulsing contractions. I can go on with this for about thirty minutes and things start to calm down. The thing is now i am totally acceptant of what happend and enjoy every minute and not dissapointed that the super O was not achieved. sometimes I will finish with caressing my cock untill I cum and other times I can just stop and still feel totally satisfied. I dont expect to much and I am getting alot more. looking forward to more pleasure.

waking the sleeping giant

With out getting into much detail, due to a family medical issue i had to relocate for a couple of months and did not and could not use my aneros. It has been over 3 months since my last session. since i got back there is always someone home at my house at all times and I have no privacy or time to have a session. I could not take it any longer today. There was someone in the house but i went up to get a shower and get dressed. The aneros was calling me from the closet where they have been put away for the last three months. i grabbed my coconut oil, my gel lube and my ps-new and closed the bathroom door. i lubed up my ass and the toy like there was no tomorrow i was not worrying about staining the sheets or making a mess on a towel. i put one foot up on the counter and reached around and inserted the toy. It felt amazing going in and almost like one of the first times. i stood in front of the mirror and had a little trouble keeping it in at first, gravity and excess lube wanted it to slip out. I never really tried it standing up before. I pushed it back in and gave a good contraction to set it in place. Then the body took over and new what to do. It slowly pulled itself in and relaxed in place. wow it felt good so there i was naked in front of the mirror aneros in place now what? I started some nipple stimulation and things started heating up. I could really feel the p tab applying pressure standing up and the aneros felt larger than normal and like it was in farther than normal. I tied to relax and breath slowly i could feel it slightly move in and out with my breathing. Then the warm full feelings started in my prostate area as i looked at myself in the mirror and played with my nipples. I felt like Iwas going to start getting a erection but i did not. Standing up was a little bit of a distraction but things where moving in the right direction. I tried to relax more and let go but knowing someone was just in the other room and standing up i could tell I was going to have to end the session. lube was running down my legs, i would grab some and use it on my nipples, I was heating up and if i could have moved to the bed I think Iwould have been in for a suprise. Now I have created a monster, my prostate wants more and so do I. My desire had slacked off with the long layoff but it did not take long to re wire. I will need to get creative with my sessions and hopefully will get some alone time soon. so looking forward to the next time. Sorry not alot of good details about my session but the groundwork is set for the next one.

on my way

Today I can finally say i had a totally hands free prostate dry orgasm that felt amazing. It was supprising also because I thought for sure It was going to end with a ejaculation. I try not to blog after every session because most of them have been the same with nothing real amazing to report. I have been going back and forth with the ps new model and helix synn, favoring the helix more often for better results. I have been starting out on my side with the do nothing technique and As I relax the sensations build and I get intermittent pulsing in my prostate with a warming feeling. This subsides after about twenty minutes so I roll on to my back and pull my knees up feet flat on the bed. The moving around and re positioning gets the feelings to start coming back. I then just rock my legs slightly from side to side or open and close gently and sometimes rub my thighs together imagining they are touching someone else. This little bit of movement is enough to get the Aneros moving without forcing it by contracting. My cock also moves around gently during this process that adds some good feeling. the combination of everything and some nipple stimulation really gets me on my way with out any forced contractions or touching of the cock. The pleasure builds and my cock start s to get hard but not fully erect.If i move around a little bit more agressivly the aneros massages my prostate with out contracting anything. I try and relax my pc muscles as much as possible and just let the movement of my legs get the aneros in motion. finally the feeling builds to a warm tingling sensation in my prostate and the urge to ejaculate and in the past that is what has happened, but not this time the feelings built again the urge was there and then my prostate and anus started to orgasm very gently for 10-15 contractions and to my supprise no ejaculate just a small amount of pre cum leaking out. I stopped and relaxed and it felt just like i had had a ejaculatory orgasm, I was running out of time so I could not wait it out to see if I could build up to another orgasm. Looking forward to trying a gain and if I have the same results going a little further for more pleasure. Not sure who labels us in our profile but I am still listed as a newbie. I think after all this time and considering my advancements I am on my way to the next level not that that it matters just sayin.

another suprise

I had to post this blog due to the events that lead up to the session and I promised someone on the chat room I would post if some thing exciting happened during this session. Let me explain. I was working in my office that is close to my home and had been planning to go home and have a session with my Helix. With the progress I have been making and as horny as I was getting I was really looking forward to it. When I got home my daughter was still there and said she did not have to go into work at normal time today but one hour later. I could not believe it, I was looking forward to this all afternoon. I could not take it so I grabbed my helix and lube and went back to the office. I have never tried this anywhere except in my bed at home. I lubed up in the bathroom inserted the helix and went over to my office chair and reclined. Not much was happening so I logged on to the chat room. There was only one guy on and I told him my story. I think he laughed but he said he admired my ambition. The session in a office chair with pants on and on the computer was a total dud for me. I decided to go back home and try to continue. I left the helix in and drove home with it in. That was interesting had to sit a little sideways and got a few good feelings on the “ride” home. The daughter was gone, raced up stairs took off everything and laid on the bed. relaxed for half a hour and could not get anything going. I was starting to get worried about my wife coming home so I cleaned up and took a shower. Then the fun began. I decided to lay on the bed after my shower and relax and try some a-less . If someone came home I would just get up and start getting dressed like I just got out of the shower. I laid on my back and had my legs pulled up feet resting on the mattress. I began a little nipple stim and the pulsing started in my prostate, i was able to totally relax after the ordeal i was just through and the warm shower. I rocked my legs side to side a little and the movement and pressure it put on my cock started to feel good. It was not direct stimulation of my cock but the movement felt good and it got the aneros moving a little. My cock started to get hard. its a weird feeling when you get an erection from the Aneros without any cock stimulation its like it has a mind of its own and knows what is on the way. then the warm feelings started to build in my prostate and cock I could tell my cock was getting very hard but I was not touching it. got a few good pulses and then a very warm and tingley build up and a nice dry o with 4 or 5 contractions no cum just a few drops of clear pre cum. I just started to have mmo my last session with the Aneros and now I was on my way A-less. I relaxed for a few minutes and started to rock my legs from side to side again and then open and close them butterfly style. not flapping like a bird just nice and easy. Again the movement josseled my cock around a little and got the aneros moving. Things started to build quickly, every time I would open my legs the would tremble and when I closed them my cock would get harder This went on for a minute or so and the trembling and cock hardening started to get intense, soon I was flapping my legs like a bird and started a strong dry orgasm that led into a wet orgasm with no direct penis stim just the movement from rocking around. When I realized i was having a wet O I tried to stop it and only a small amount of cum came out but that was enough to cool things off. I cant believe it two mmo sessions in a row. one with and one with out the Aneros. Sorry for the long post I promised the guy on the chat room I would post if something unusual happened. Looking forward to more exploring.

First MMO

I feel like a wet noodle while I am writing this. I can honestly say I just had my first MMO session. Three to be exact. First one was very mild dry O contractions, Second one more intense, leg trembling strong dry O contractions full erection. Third one i was all over the place rocking back and forth started as dry O finished wet O. The session started out slow thought it was going to be a dud, but I had the time and the privacy so I stayed with it. I did need to do some light touching of the tip of my cock and nipple stim to get things started but once it was going not much cock contact at all. There was some down time between O’s and just a little rub of the tip got things going again. unbelievable! should sleep good tonight.

a-less pleasure

Hello been a while since i have blogged nothing real exciting to discuss until today. It has been two weeks since my last Aneros session and about one week since my last ejaculation. Needless to say i am a bit horny. I was doing some work in my office and cant stop thinking about getting a opportunity to go with my Helix. It is not in the cards today and i needed a break so i just laid back in my chair and relaxed and started thinking about nice feelings in my prostate. the more I relaxed the better it felt. I was able to generate a couple of mild pulses in my prostate.I started to rub my nipples through my shirt and got a few more pulses, then I realized i had a muscle shirt on and had full access through the arm holes to my nipples. I was able to stick my thumbs in through the armholes and toggle my nipples. The whole time i just let myself go and totally relaxed. The pulsing picked up in frequency and a warm feeling was building in my prostate. The more i relaxed and moaned the better it felt. I then tried a few anal contractions, not much at first so I tried some more and clenched a little more intense and sped up the frequency. The prostate feelings went away but now my cock wanted to get involved and it started getting hard. The feeling of major hornyness was taking over. I toggeld away at the nips and continued contracting a little harder and was getting a good erection at this point. I had to stop because I was in my office and i did not want to lose control and have someone show up and walk in. I cant believe how horny I am now and looking forward to my next aneros session. I was never able to reach that level of relaxation and excitement at the same time with the Aneros in. Always trying to make it happen or expect something to happen. I truly believe I am well on the way to being re wired. I can generate prostate pulsing and good feelings by relaxing and with nipple stim. whenever and wherever I want now. Going to take this into my next session and just see what happens. Looking forward for more posts to cum.