a-less pleasure

Hello been a while since i have blogged nothing real exciting to discuss until today. It has been two weeks since my last Aneros session and about one week since my last ejaculation. Needless to say i am a bit horny. I was doing some work in my office and cant stop thinking about getting a opportunity to go with my Helix. It is not in the cards today and i needed a break so i just laid back in my chair and relaxed and started thinking about nice feelings in my prostate. the more I relaxed the better it felt. I was able to generate a couple of mild pulses in my prostate.I started to rub my nipples through my shirt and got a few more pulses, then I realized i had a muscle shirt on and had full access through the arm holes to my nipples. I was able to stick my thumbs in through the armholes and toggle my nipples. The whole time i just let myself go and totally relaxed. The pulsing picked up in frequency and a warm feeling was building in my prostate. The more i relaxed and moaned the better it felt. I then tried a few anal contractions, not much at first so I tried some more and clenched a little more intense and sped up the frequency. The prostate feelings went away but now my cock wanted to get involved and it started getting hard. The feeling of major hornyness was taking over. I toggeld away at the nips and continued contracting a little harder and was getting a good erection at this point. I had to stop because I was in my office and i did not want to lose control and have someone show up and walk in. I cant believe how horny I am now and looking forward to my next aneros session. I was never able to reach that level of relaxation and excitement at the same time with the Aneros in. Always trying to make it happen or expect something to happen. I truly believe I am well on the way to being re wired. I can generate prostate pulsing and good feelings by relaxing and with nipple stim. whenever and wherever I want now. Going to take this into my next session and just see what happens. Looking forward for more posts to cum.

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