“Semen Retention: Almost In Uncharted Waters”

It’s a new Day 8 of SR and so far I am surviving. But I know the next few days will be critical. I have been avoiding sex (my bad!) with my wife in order to push back the boundary of time between ejaculations. I know that semen retention must initially get “worse” before it gets “better”. By worse, I am not implying that it is painful or anything like that. But yes, it can be uncomfortable and you don’t really know what HORNY feels like until you have walked in my shoes!
However, there are times when I can “play” with my package for an hour and not feel ANY arousal! That is truly amazing and I would like to think that it is a by-product of the act of semen retention. Other times, I will get an erection just “out of the blue” and don’t know what to do with it! Now, in the past, the “usual” approach (obviously) was a quick hand-job and another blown load! But SR represents a different take–a different philosophy if you will–on sexual release. Guys, It gets harder as it goes…..
I am ‘dosing’ on some binaurals for wet-dream induction but have not had any results as of yet. I”m not sure how much longer it will take but I sure would WELCOME the relief that will come with it. Overcoming horniness is something every guy practicing SR will have to endure in his own way. Because if he doesn’t do it right, he’ll be right back to Day 1 and I’m sure most guys wouldn’t want that. I sure don’t. Of course, following day 70, or 100, or 200, it can be expected. But not after day 10 or so.
Trying to keep the horniness in balance is never easy, particularly if you expect to live your life normally (whatever that means). Going forward with SR, I have noticed a new ease in dealing with people, especially women. Women (and men for that matter) seem attracted to me in a greater way than before. I don’t think it is my imagination. Then, when confronted with a beautiful woman with a great figure on top of that—OMG!—that will seem to trigger a horny “attack” right away! It is pleasurable but it is also a pathway up “Horny Hill” and (hopefully) down again!
[Caution–sexually-graphic content here] One interesting thing as I get into SR more seriously: I notice women’s (and men’s) bodies more, and in a sexual way. I am obviously looking at a woman’s boobs and especially their crotches and fantasizing what it looks like beneath their panties. Yes, their vaginal opening and the hair around it. And yes, how a man’s ‘arsenal’ fills-out his jeans. I know this may sound a little weird but that it the way I feel now. Hard to say this, but even in the men’s locker room after swimming, I find myself “looking” at the guys packages more! Now I normally would not do this at all but perhaps this is a fringe benefit of semen retention!

Will I be able to endure SR indefinitely at least until a wet dream or other involuntary release of semen? I sure want to at this point. But. h**y s**t, it isn’t easy! As the title indicates, I am almost in uncharted waters and am trusting that my sturdy boat (my penis!) will help guide me along!

Immediate Update: My prostate is starting to buzz—normally a good sign but NOT when trying to lengthen times between ejaculation during SR!

Comment: Just a thought I had—-semen retention can be compared to a hand-grenade. While practicing SR, the safety pin is pulled and a guy has to keep the lever depressed by any means possible. If it is released…..well, you know the consequence! In this case, it will be a wet-bomb!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-almost-in-uncharted-waters/