Super-T attempt late Saturday night, 8/6/16

Hi guys,

I tried to achieve Super-T tonight. Getting lots of sweet, delicious feelings first with Aneros Syn and then Progasm Jr. More later.

Here is the text from Aneros Wiki on the Super-T: (This I should try to put into effect and aspire to)

“This approach is predicated upon an individual already having been rewired and having had a Super-O just previous to this attempt. It is for this reason that it is classified as more of an advanced user’s technique. This method involves an exquisitely intense, traditional penile ejaculation mediated by the Aneros, hence the name Super-T. Make the Aneros a more active participant in the orgasm as opposed to letting it passively massage your prostate as the involuntary contractions of the ejaculation hit you. Stroke your my penis until you just start to feel the very beginnings of the orgasm building. At this point take your hands off, and start executing some moderate to large anal contractions, the idea being to have the Aneros by itself, propagate the ejaculation. Within 10-15 seconds you may find that the ejaculatory sensations will ebb somewhat so then switch back to the hands on approach to build it back up. What you will find is that it builds back up very quickly, and does so to a higher level than where you’d started (the Aneros had added something). Working back and forth, on again and off again, in short order you’ll find that less and less of the stroking is necessary to keep everything going. Finally, just barely touching your penis, but using the Aneros to greater and greater effect such that the Aneros now mediates a tremendous penile orgasm. It is like a tango between your hand and the Aneros; each one taking turns enticing and coaxing an ejaculation from your penis. You can actually feel your prostate swelling inside of you. The effect of this is as if one was inhaling in deeper and deeper to accommodate an enormous sneeze. Finally when you feel climax is imminent, let the Aneros have the last word with several strong contractions. This should lead to a powerful and intense traditional orgasm, a Super-T.”