how big is the progasm?

Thinking about getting a progasm, I have the helix and that goes on very easily with no resistance and I feel that there is much more room in there. My question is there much of a difference in size? I like feeling full, though I’ve never been full lol. Thanks

Something happened

So I just had a session where I really tried my hardest to relax and do nothing and wow!! I lay on the edge of nodding off then suddenly my heart started racing then I was panting I couldn’t help it. My penis and my whole crotch began to feel as if it was swirling somehow! I can’t explain the feeling it was so intense. It grew all around my body until I couldn’t stay relaxed and after a few minutes it began to subside and now I’m left feeling a light buzz everywhere. This is the first breakthrough in a while!

Finally some progress

So been going at it for nearly a year now with barely any success. Started with a helix then a knock off njoy wand. Could never get involuntaries and got bored too easy so went for a manual toy. Today I thought Id try the helix again and gave the do nothing a good go and after about 15 minutes I started spasming everywhere and getting mad involuntaries then many waves of pleasure. What now? I assume I rinse and repeat and it’ll get better?

Lube drying up

So I use coconut oil and Everytime it dries up and hurts to pull out helix. I shoot up many pellets of it lube helix and put it in and out a few times. I’ve even sat upside down for abit to see if it’ll travel up there more lol. I just can seem to keep it lubed. However once I pull it out I can squirt out the oil afterwards so I wonder if it just settling at the bottom?

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Nipple p-waves?

I had my 2nd session today and didn’t feel much. Then jsut now watching Netflix and my t-shirt brushed my nipples and bam! Instant bolt of pleasure overcame me and no Everytime I touch them I shiver with pleasure coming from my prostate. What is this?

2nd try!

Hi there, I’ve been lurking on the thread for a few weeks after regaining interesting in prostate play. I started a few years ago with anything I could find to no avail obviously clueless. I decided to get a helix syn this week and had my first session but nothing as I was struggling to relax and weed is a no go for me. Just had my 2nd session and after abit of nipple play I began to get rock hard for a few minutes then nothing. Then it happened again and my head went fuzzy and then got a bolt of fuzz all over my body 3 times then nothing… Any ideas what that was and any tips moving on? I cant seem to get involuntaries.