1. I certainly have no clue, but it sounds fun and I’m interested to hear other peoples opinions

  2. I just ride the wave. To stop them, take a shower or focus on something else

  3. Good question! I keep hearing that nipples are important for Aneros play but mine do basically nothing for me—am I missing something?

  4. The first 4-5 times I used the aneros… the next week my body was Pwaves non stop… I couldn’t get an election properly that next week…. body buzzing and tingling all week…

    I really thought I had broke my body and was very much worried and regretting it… it will pass and you will learn to control… so don’t get scared

  5. I can have a prostate orgasm just from my nipple play. You may be having one. I have 3 or 4 areas on my body that can trigger p-waves and orgasms.

  6. Nipple gasm’s are a lovely part of prostate stimulation.. no Aneros, no weed, little calming breaths, tease around nipple gentle, then gently place a finger tip on each nipple and softly move fingers…. rolling pleasure waves, soft prostate orgasm(s).. repeatable and oh so nice.. as time’s gone on they’ve become stupidly quick to achieve like sub 20sec..

    Didn’t initially do much for me till I’d got to the having pwaves stage in the Aneros trip.. after that they became a weather vane for where my prostate was at IE – If I get a nipple only pwave, my prostates ‘in the mood’… then it evolved to an integral part of my Aneros sessions and onwards to today when a nipple gasm on it’s own is sometimes all I want.

    Enjoy – experiment and just accept what does or does not happen, in time nipples will probably wire in and you’ll find as others have, that they can be such a source of pleasure.

  7. My nipples are wired directly to my prostate… left one more than the right one… just need to rub them once in a while and they horn me out… they are almost erect all day, every day… although I haven’t had the patience to try a nipplegasm, They definitely help me reach the land of pgasms and help me squirt the juice when with my wifey…. I top them off with some slippery lube or precum so the wife will suck and lick them… and play away…. Congratulations to you for developing your multi orgasmic abilities… it’s an amazing and wonderful blessing…

  8. What is this ? This is awesome ! Enjoy the feelings and look to discover more…:)

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