“Aneros-Free” Exercises

Recently I came across a video of Mantak Chia suggesting contracting the prostate 300 times a day. This is part of his “directing the sexual energy toward the brain” methodology. I was thinking though that there has to be a link between this eastern type practice and the “Super-O” we all are attempting to pursue. I remember coming across a post awhile back that mentioned the possible usefulness of aneros-free exercises since with no toy inserted, there was zero possibility of irritation or unwanted friction. Not to mention the ease and no materials or preparation required. Basically strengthening or preparing the muscles involved so that when the toy IS inserted it has greater and stronger effect.

I was wondering if any of you had success with this sort of approach, and any tips you could share. I guess in general they would be referred to as kegal exercises but I’m wondering how to optimize specifically for the Aneros.

Lifting balls…better feeling?

I’ve noticed sometimes during sessions if I “cup” my entire package and lift it up (towards my stomach) it seems to increase sensation, but I’m not sure why. It is almost like stretching the perineum tighter, in the same way a rubber band will be less loose when stretched. I ask because I recently was looking for position ideas and saw a video of a guy using an aneros massager, and he seemed to have an entire ring around not only the penis, but the whole package. LIFTING the whole package up. I don’t know if this is repositioning muscles slightly, or its more arousing because you can feel the head of the massager moving inside better (by feeling your perineum on the outside, you can feel the head moving inside the anus pushing outward). Thoughts or experiences with rings, lifting the scrotum, etc.?

Anybody go Helix Syn –> Progasm Ice?

Have had a few months experience (but not regularly) with the Helix Syn which is the only massager I own. Recently I was thinking of the comparisons of regular exercise to prostate massage (kegal exercises), and how powerful contractions are important. Also in a way the flexibility or versatility of what you can accomplish with that set of muscles down there.

So I was thinking that it might be beneficial to not only “loosen up” with a bigger massager, but also one that is more demanding on the muscles to “practice” with, so when I return to the Helix it will be like nothing to keep it moving! Any thoughts? Or has anyone had experience moving from the Helix to the Progasm? I’m also considering the Trident Maximus, but was wondering if anyone had any tips on really getting the muscles in prime shape to accomplish the task at hand 🙂

Question about size of the Helix Syn

So I was thinking, many prostate toys are sold on the basis that self-massage is either difficult or impossible. The thing is, The Helix is comparable in length to my middle finger, so why not just self-massage? I am wondering because I am taller if I need something longer to reach “the spot”. So far I have not had great results…any input would be appreciated.