Very curious and excited about pgasms but concerned about developing a habit

I recently bought a Helix Trident Syn, have had three sessions, and on the third I had some real breakthroughs. I can tell that where this is headed is going to be extremely pleasurable. However, I am also a little scared.

For most of my life I had no idea the p-spot was a thing and I had no interest in anal play whatsoever. Like many straight men, I watched porn since adolescence and just went to down on my dick for years and years. Over the last year I’ve realized that my porn use was problematic (compulsive) and had been for a while. In researching how to live a porn-free lifestyle I came across reddit subs and articles about semen retention, tantric masturbation, etc. etc. which led me to learn about prostate orgasms, which appeal to me for a number of reasons (note that I’m not a true believer of semen retention):

1) If it’s the best orgasm a man can have, why *wouldn’t* I want to experience it?

2) I’m older and more experienced now and have way fewer sexual hangups about butt stuff.

3) It doesn’t involve porn.

My worry, though, is that it will be SO good that I won’t be able to stop doing it and will begin to prefer it to having actual sex. The word “rewiring” gets thrown around in nofap and pornfree all the time (rewiring your arousal pathways away from porn to sex with a partner/physical sensation) and I’ve noticed that in this sub it gets thrown around a bunch as well (rewiring your arousal pathways away from your dick and to your prostate).