5 MINUTE PGasm!!

My most intense sensations have come from A-Less so this was by far my most successful ride with an actual toy inserted and my god it was good.

I pre lubed and put my MGX Classic in, gave myself 5 minutes or so to “warm up”, laid on my front in my usual sleeping position. Lights off, phone off, blind fold on, ear plugs in. I focus purely on relaxation and internal sensation when I ride instead of getting “horny” as it seems easier.

My rides usually consist of tingles, p waves, getting “close to something big”, autofucking, my heart starting to POUND fast as if it’s *just about to happen*, and then things fading out without much more happening for an hour or so which means I usually end the session with slight dissatisfaction but hope for the next one. I know you’re not supposed to have expectations, and that you should be happy with anything, because yes it all feels good, but those orgasms are TOO good for me to not be slightly disappointed when they don’t happen haha.

But this time, I felt so inspired after my A-Less Super O on Sunday because now I know it can happen. I KNOW that it’s not a one off, or a coincidence, or a hoax now, I KNOW it’s all real, everything you guys write about. It’s finally happening to me, more and more.

I Super-O-ed HARD today!

I Super-O-ed HARD for the first time this morning. And it was completely A-Less!

I was edging all night and I was so horny but on the verge of falling asleep, I started to feel the most subtle tingling in my prostate and out of half instinct, half curiosity I pushed, and out of nowhere it built and built and built to the most intense vibration I’ve ever experienced. I pushed again and BANG! It was like a fucking supernova.

Such an ENORMOUS sensation that engulfed my entire body. I was lying completely still, in silence, too overwhelmed to even open my eyes, but I could SWEAR I was writhing and convulsing and screaming at the top of my lungs. It felt like a mix of the most intense sexual, orgasmic “just-about-to-ejaculate” feeling, mixed with the most intense butterflies, mixed with the most intense shaking, like when you see a wine glass resonate and warp and vibrate with a high pitch frequency. I truly felt like my body was resonating with the universe or something. I’ve never felt anything like it. My hands were the most prominent sensation I remember, almost numb from tingling, my ears went deaf with the sound of the blood rushing to my face, my hands and feet had tingles like you wouldn’t believe. But my tummy… oh my GOD! Instead of “releasing” outward, I was imploding with pleasure, it was so infinitely internal it was jarring. It was the most pleasurable, orgasmic sensation I’ve ever experienced in my life! The only thing I could focus on in order to maintain my connection with my body was the slight throbbing/pumping/contracting that came every now and then from my rectum/prostate.


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A-Less, Hands Free Super O. Out of the blue.

Ok so I think my “super o” experience documented on here wasn’t *actually* a super o because oh my god what I’ve just experienced is most DEFINITELY a super o.

So this is really out of the blue because to be honest I haven’t even ridden since then and I’m really just chocking this up to being young and perpetually horny. I had what I thought was my first (and last) super o just over a year ago. But I now believe it to be the most intense prostate waves ever documented and while I still vividly recall every sensation to be just as intense as I documented, I no longer believe the experience to fall under “super o” category.

I’ve just woken up from the most extreme experience. I was having a sexy dream, felt myself edge wanking in the dream, cock was rock hard and rubbing against my mattress, (I was lying on my tummy), and all of a sudden, “fuck I’ve gone past it”, prepared myself mentally for the massive mess I’m about to need to clean up, and again just like the last experience just this BANG right in the pit of my stomach, a muscle deep in there contracting so violently, so intense I SWEAR you could hear it. And there it was, glorious orgasm, just like any other wank orgasm. The perfect build up, the “release”, and the throbbing. I genuinely didn’t notice that anything was “wrong” until a few seconds later, it genuinely just felt like a wank, or a wet dream orgasm. Not a thing different.

Would you guys say in rewired?

I’m not a very frequent rider, but I have been on and off since like March this year. But recently I’ve been finding myself having more and more A less, specifically in dreams. Something about the subconscious being more powerful I guess. I won’t feel anything different before going to bed or upon waking up but I’ll have had a dream that would have induced something in my prostate. Happened three nights in a row last week. First was just glowing. Second night it was really intense glowing. Then it was a mini o. The second night was definitely the best though. And then in the past couple days I seem to have gained the ability to have some amount, if just the tiniest bit, of control over what I feel. And induced a completely a less mini o, completely awake and conscious, of my own willpower.


(Apologies for typos here guys, I wrote half of it while riding and gasming but I’ll try to fix up the second half at least, I want to preserve the emotion of what I was typing in the first half though)
You guys I’m in fucking tears with the amount of pleasure I just experienceD I felt like I saw through time and looked at the face of god. I’m on such an extreme high I don’t feel like reality is real my willy is so hard and im pissing out pre cum IM HAVIN GA PORSTATE O AS I TYPE THIS IM SO FUCKING IN LOVE YOU GUYS 😭I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! PLEASE DONT STOP 😭😫😩 I never want t o come down holy FUUUUUUUCK MY HOOOOOOLE! 😫😫😫It felt like the fucking Big Bang went off in my stoMACGH! IT KEEPS WASHING OVER ME LIKE A SONIC BOOM! I dont know how this amount of pleasure is even legal!
Writing this portion of my blog entry after the feelings have subsided, now currently not riding. FUCK! I am speechless, I did NOTHING. I was lying on my back in bed, pillow under my bum, almost “hugging” my knees. And I did nothing! I just laid there in the dark. it gradually happened over around 20 minutes. It started as a wee twitch in my hole, my bum would throb and throw the toy about and the more that happened, the stronger the twitches grew and grew, feeling like a morning stretch at first, then grew more and felt EXACTLY like butterflies in an extremely specific point the absolute pit of my tummy, right below my sternum, the BANG! I swore I heard it, it was so extreme, not violent but at least a 10 on the richter scale. It was like someone dropped a pebble onto my tummy and ripples just took over my torso, but the ripples were tsunami waves, every wave made me feel so warm then when each passed i would get chills, goosebumps, almost like ASMR and I would get colder, then hotter again with the next wave, in this rapid cycle, I felt these waves EVERYWHERE; in my lips, the top of my head, my nose, my fingertips, even my shoulders, I ORGASMED IN MY FUCKING SHOULDERS?!?!! After it subsided, it lingered at the butterflies stage again, almost teasing me, “Will I happen again? Will I do it, won’t I?”, and the cheeky bastard moved right to my willy and just kept it on a CONSTANT state of being on the edge of orgasm, right at that point of no return, just dancing back and forth between the territories of cumming and holding back, at this point I was just completely overcome with the most OVERWHELMING level of euphoria and a level of joy that to be perfectly honest I cant even fathom or comprehend, and my eyes just started STREAMING crying I was so happy! It truly wasn’t just an orgasm, what I experienced was the most emotional, profound, consciousness changing, mind altering, almost religious experience and sensation I’ve EVER experienced, my bum is still absolutely POUNDING, my hole is throbbing in and out like I’m being auto fucked and my body is positively vibrating!
I dont care if this is the high talking, but I genuinely mean it when I say I fucking love you guys! I would NEVER have been able to experience any of this without these forums and your guys’ help! Off to have what I can only imagine will be just as satisfying of a wank, and then to sleep for the next decade xD

TheMaskedPornStar – 20 year old – Aneros Newcomer

Aneros session number 1; Friday 9th March 2018

Received my aneros package of a Helix Syn, and a Vice earlier in the week (Monday I think) but I had read that some guys vocalise involuntarily and didn’t want to embarrass myself and get caught, I didn’t see any alone time during the week until Saturday so I wasn’t planning to ride on Friday, I was just caught off guard by people leaving the house unexpectedly, saw my opportunity and used my Helix Syn for the first time.
I laid down on the floor, flat on my back. Knees bent to maybe 80°with my feet flat on the floor. I started doing kegels, very deliberately and actively contracting my PC muscles, instead of the relax and do nothing method, within ten minutes I had an incredible hands free wet orgasm, which I read is actually rare and very sought after, I will say, the only difference between it and a normal orgasm for me is very subtle. I did however ride the “just gone over the edge” pleasurable warmth that comes right before the inevitable throbbing and pulsing as I cum. It felt like several (maybe 5-10) seconds instead of the brief “oh fuck yeah” moment. The biggest difference was mentally, I really EXPERIENCED that wave of pleasure rather than just “felt” it. It was tangible. I almost felt like I was swimming in it. That and my arm wasn’t sore haha. Plus after I came, I guess habit took over and I thought my session was over. I had felt energised but I wasn’t horny, or at least I thought I wasn’t, I did get a raging hard on with a feeling of energy again that would not be sated, around 15 minutes after my HFWO, in combination with pleasurable “morning stretch”/butterflies sensations in my rectum (some have informed me that this may be P-Waves). So I decided to crack a wank out. Nothing special to report with the wank.