A-Less, Hands Free Super O. Out of the blue.

Ok so I think my “super o” experience documented on here wasn’t *actually* a super o because oh my god what I’ve just experienced is most DEFINITELY a super o.

So this is really out of the blue because to be honest I haven’t even ridden since then and I’m really just chocking this up to being young and perpetually horny. I had what I thought was my first (and last) super o just over a year ago. But I now believe it to be the most intense prostate waves ever documented and while I still vividly recall every sensation to be just as intense as I documented, I no longer believe the experience to fall under “super o” category.

I’ve just woken up from the most extreme experience. I was having a sexy dream, felt myself edge wanking in the dream, cock was rock hard and rubbing against my mattress, (I was lying on my tummy), and all of a sudden, “fuck I’ve gone past it”, prepared myself mentally for the massive mess I’m about to need to clean up, and again just like the last experience just this BANG right in the pit of my stomach, a muscle deep in there contracting so violently, so intense I SWEAR you could hear it. And there it was, glorious orgasm, just like any other wank orgasm. The perfect build up, the “release”, and the throbbing. I genuinely didn’t notice that anything was “wrong” until a few seconds later, it genuinely just felt like a wank, or a wet dream orgasm. Not a thing different.

Then I realised “Hey, it’s building up again, and look, I’m still rock hard”. It was almost like my body didn’t “detect” or “process” the last orgasm, like it never occurred on my brains radar, so my body started another to compensate. In my rectum.

The epicentre, instead of my cock like the first one, was my prostate exactly, a very clear difference in placement. And this is when I realised something HUGE was happening, I was almost intimidated by the thought. And BOOM it happens. Orgasmic build, just like a wank orgasm, “release” but no cumming, and then the most earth shattering throbbing I have ever felt from my ass hole. My perineum and asshole was going so hard I swear it felt like I was being fucked. It all felt like any other orgasm I would “expect” but 1,000,000 times more intense, and placed completely in my rectum.

Almost gave me a sense of echolocation for the inside of my body. Like I knew and could tell, almost “see” through my skin, EXACTLY where everything inside me was, my prostate, my bladder, the back of my penis. Every internal organ. Lit up like a Christmas tree. (The visual was interesting but also bearing in mind I was still dreaming, which i guess is why it was so heavy on visuals in my mind).

And then fuck, ANOTHER of these rectal/prostate orgasms! AND ANOTHER!! About 6 in quick rapid fire succession back to back. Some even over lapping if you could fucking believe it. It was unfathomable. All in about the space of 30 seconds.

I was almost panicking, mind was racing, “What the fuck! Oh my god! I’ve broken myself! I don’t really want it to fix, but shit! What have I done?!”

All the while I’m still asleep and in this dream. Almost lucid. Conscious enough to figure out it was a dream, (and to control things), but too deep to wake myself up.

So I concentrated and controlled it.

A constant orgasm. All over from head to toe. Orgasmic build up, release, release, release, MORE RELEASE! OH GOD SWEET FUCKING PERFECT RELEASE IT DOESN’T FUCKING STOP!

The others were like fireworks, one quick boom of a release and a throb, and then another boom, and another, but this was like a sparkler. Long, slow burning. And instead of the throbbing that accompanies cumming, it was like everything was just open, flowing out of me, like peeing. It was radiant.

It was extreme enough at this point to pull me out of the dream, awake, my entire body was as rigid as my cock. Skin felt like it was glowing. Vibrating even. Muscles head to toe so extremely contracted for so long that it would have been utter agony if I hadn’t been orgasming the entire time. I was completely paralysed from it. I couldn’t do anything but start whimpering from sheer ecstasy again, tears running down my face it felt so euphoric. I said the last experience felt like I had saw the face of god, well this felt like being cradled in his arms. And then about a minute after waking up my body couldn’t sustain it any more and I lost it.

I had about 5 more seconds before I fully processed everything, figured out what had just happened to me, and panicked to check my sheets.

Bone. Dry.

Not one cumshot. And I was STILL rock hard. STILL horny. STILL could have wanked to another orgasm. And I did. And somehow it was nowhere near as pleasurable as what had happened before.

I’ve asked a good few of you guys what a super o feels like compared to a wank orgasm, and for those that answered, most said something to the effect that they’re not as intense, more slow burning and subdued, but can build more and more to great highs, like orgasmic build up stacking one on top of the other but without the release or throbbing. And most say that they’d rather have a super o than a wank any day. Which is something I never agreed with, even based on my last experience. I always thought a wank was more pleasurable and satisfying in the moment than all that waiting and concentrating for a super o. Because at the beginning of chasing that super o it is slow, and frustrating. But now that I’ve had a super o I completely agree. Super o beats a wank any fucking day. And if I wasn’t such a horny fuck, I would be in the boat of people who give up wanking in favour of riding, but I’m addicted to orgasms.

I should say as well that this was completely A-less. Which makes it all the more shocking to me because I definitely wouldn’t call my self experienced in this. I sometimes struggled to get a response when riding so to have an a less, controlled super o out of the blue, a year and a few months after my last Aneros ride is mind blowing to me. It makes me think that the re wiring process is more permanent than I thought. Or maybe it’s that my dream subconscious is much too powerful for my own good. Either way I’m not complaining. Just goes to show it really can happen at ANY time.

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  1. When I’m practicing semen retention I will occasionally have spontaneous orgasms. This post reminded me that while trying to sleep last night I had one or two dry orgasms, but I didn’t even remember. This actually happens to me often, where just before I fall asleep I’ll have orgasms but I usually don’t remember them. They aren’t always very intense but they sure are nice.

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