Is the Aneros Vice worth it?


i thought about buying some new prostate massager which can vibrate, so since i already own the helix and the progasm, it seems like a good idea, because i want it to be hands free and a good fit. I saw that the vice 2 is already out but it is 50€ more expensive than the first one so i think i dont want to buy the new version. Anyway, are the vibrations on the vice good? Are they strong enough? How loud is it? Would you recommend it? Any other preferably similar priced options?

Thanks for any help and recommendatios.



  1. I got the old version like 5 years ago. I wouldn’t recommend it. Even assuming the new one got the build quality right (the old one had problems) I don’t think vibration is the way to go with prostate massage, especially if you’re newer to it. Prostate massage creates very subtle sensations and vibration will mask them. And after a short time your butt will start to go numb while using it.

  2. I’m the guy who gave you the recommendation about the Vice earlier. I don’t want to monopolize the discussion, but can comment on a few things you and others mentioned, because they’re great questions/issues that I have an opinion on (FWIW).

    1. Since you have the Progasm, should you also get the Vice? Well (IMO), they give very different feelings. The Vice is made of silicone, and its shape is a little different. Yes, it’s similar to the Progasm, but has quite a different feel – even without the vibe turned on.
    2. Are the vibrations strong enough? Yes, for me at least. Your prostate is sensitive, so it doesn’t really require strong vibrations, even though some do like that. But for me., strong vibes can definitely be numbing. Vice also has different vibration levels and patterns, and its lowest level is not very strong. And no it’s not very loud at all… it’s unlikely to be heard through doors or walls.
    3. I don’t have the new version, only an older one that I’ve had for >3 years. It hasn’t had any problems. The only suggestion I have is to remove the battery from the vibe bullet after each session, because even when turned off, mine slowly discharges the battery. They may have fixed that in later versions. I can’t comment on the Vice 2, which has an integrated battery.
    4. I agree with the comment that prostate massagers should usually be subtle, and that vibrations can numb sensitive areas. So when I do use a prostate vibrator, I usually turn on the vibe towards the *end* of the session, to really crank it to the next level… or perhaps if I want to have a shorter, but intense, session. It depends on your mood. To be honest, sometimes, if I’m really horny, I want to feel the vibes to really get off big-time. Most anal vibe toys will stimulate you quite strongly, and it’s a different experience from the subtle feelings of a Helix, or Progasm (or MGX or Eupho), which are solely self-guided. The Vice is a different, unique experience, and for me, produces unique and intense feelings. I can usually have an intense climax (even HFO), relatively quickly, once the vibe feature is turned on. Often I will turn it on, then off again, to prevent numbing. Of course, not everyone likes that feeling. I’m one who does — *sometimes*. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if you will like vibrations it provides, until you try it (or something similar).

    I can say that I have many of the Aneros toys, and don’t regret purchasing any of them.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  3. No, it’s not worth it at all. No, the vibrations are trash. They’re light and buzzy, the kind that will numb you before they ever start to feel good. It’s not a loud toy at all. No, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    If you really want to try vibrations, deep and rumbly is the way to go. The Lelo Hugo is pretty highly rated from what I’ve seen, but I’ve never used one. The vibe I’d normally recommend first, the Rosa by L’amourose, has been discontinued because the company seems to have folded so it might be tough to find one.

  4. I have the Vice 2, and it is the best vibrating prostate toy I’ve used. Build quality is amazing, and the remote is the best out there. I was surprised that it stays in place so well. I have a Lelo Hugo, and it is almost impossible to keep inside. With th Vice 2 I can even walk around a bit.

    The vibrations go from subtle to intense. The patterns are many and varied. I usually keep the vibe intensity on low most of the time, and really like pattern numbers 7 and 16. Being able to see visually the pattern is a great feature, as is the ability to reset to the 00 pattern ( low intensity, vibration off) with a double tap on the remote. There are separate buttons for going forward and backwards through the patterns as well.

    I still have best results with the non-vibrating Aneros devices(the Eupho Trident is my favorite), but love having the Vice 2 for a little variety. Definitely a worthwhile addition to my collection.

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