Trans porn

I don’t know where else to ask this question. I’ve been doing prostate play for almost 2 years now. Since then I’ve added pegging to list of bedroom activities, and have entertained the thought of bottoming in an MMF threesome. I can’t really get off to pegging or gay porn, not because I have anything against it, just doesn’t do anything for me. But last night I watched some trans porn and realized it’s kind of like the perfect porn for me. I love giving anal and receiving. And I love women. And trans porn has all that wrapped into one. I just masturbated traditionally while watching but my god what an explosive orgasm it gave me.

Anyone else?

Would euphos suit me?

I’ve been using a helix trident for the last 18 months or so. I’ve gotten close a couple times with it but lately it just makes my rectum sore. I’m not sure if it’s the size or what. I also notice that my lube dries out very quickly. I usually use a silicone based lube which is why I got the non-syn version because I figured silicone based lube would last longer.

Anyway, I was thinking a smaller aneros would suit me better. I noticed the euphos is the smallest yet most advanced model. I tend to get real tense and contract hard when I feel myself getting close. Would the smaller aneros force me to go about things more subtley? I guess what I’m asking is what makes the euphos an advanced model?

Fantasies and arousal

I found last night that I have the most luck getting to where I need to be when I focus deeply on a sexual fantasy; however, the fantasy has to be very lifelike and every detail has to be perfect and the woman I have to know in real life and share some sort of connection with. If any one of those things are off or if I find myself inserting details here or there that would never happen in real life than I start to lose my momentum. Basically the more realistic the fantasy, the more aroused I am and the closer I get to an O.

I’m thinking this is a terrible approach and I need to focus more on the feelings the aneros is producing. But I have a hard time being aroused otherwise. Plus I love fantasizing. Are there any tips for letting go of the fantasy and just focusing on the feelings?

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