Fantasies and arousal

I found last night that I have the most luck getting to where I need to be when I focus deeply on a sexual fantasy; however, the fantasy has to be very lifelike and every detail has to be perfect and the woman I have to know in real life and share some sort of connection with. If any one of those things are off or if I find myself inserting details here or there that would never happen in real life than I start to lose my momentum. Basically the more realistic the fantasy, the more aroused I am and the closer I get to an O.

I’m thinking this is a terrible approach and I need to focus more on the feelings the aneros is producing. But I have a hard time being aroused otherwise. Plus I love fantasizing. Are there any tips for letting go of the fantasy and just focusing on the feelings?



  1. For me, fantasies help me reach orgasm. These mental images don’t make me lose focus on the sensations provided by the aneros, on the contrary. Luckily, for me, these fantasies don’t have to be very real and don’t need to be connected to real people in real life. I’m sorry, but I have no advice other than to focus on breathing. Or try to be in a state like meditation.

  2. i think the fantasies and feelings work together. IMO. – i watch porn to get going… then i will listen to some gonewild audio. when the voice is right inside my head, it’s like they are there. and the fantasy is getting told right in front of me.

    everyone is different. enjoy it.

  3. I find that once my prostate starts to respond a mental image of a fantasy is like a trigger for the waves to start travelling through my body. Saying this we are all different and different things work for different people.

  4. I stil have to find some files that arouse me enough but don’t distract me too much…. I started with ifeelmyself vids, but moaning-only doesn’t work enough….. then I need the visual part, which distracts again.

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