Lube never slick enough

I feel like every combination of lube I’ve ever tried has just never been slick enough and dries out too fast. I’ve tried oils, water based, silicon based. Shooting a bunch inside. The aneros never seems to move freely for very long. Good lube makes it way more comfortable, but I never get that slick feeling of the device moving easily.

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THC doesn’t really do anything for me…

After years of little success with only the occasional nice feeling, I decided to try some THC. I’ve tried 10mg of edibles a few times, and while it makes me feel relaxed and a little more in tune with my body, it doesn’t feel like the “cheat code” everyone talks about. I suppose it feels a bit nicer, but at the same time the high sort of dulls the sensations. Could I be doing something wrong? I find that if I get too high I just get nauseous and paranoid and it’s just rather unpleasant. Any tips would be appreciated.

Vaseline is the only lube that works for me, is it really unsafe?

I’ve tried everything from water-based to silicon. Coconut oil and shea butter. Nothing seems to stay slick more than 15-20 min. Vaseline is the only thing that seems to let the toy glide for a long time without having to re-lube which ruins the moment for me. Are there any studies that show that it is bad for your body? Or is it all speculation? My body just seems to absorb lube extremely fast.

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