Vaseline is the only lube that works for me, is it really unsafe?

I’ve tried everything from water-based to silicon. Coconut oil and shea butter. Nothing seems to stay slick more than 15-20 min. Vaseline is the only thing that seems to let the toy glide for a long time without having to re-lube which ruins the moment for me. Are there any studies that show that it is bad for your body? Or is it all speculation? My body just seems to absorb lube extremely fast.



  1. Vaseline weakens latex. It also does not get absorbed or wash away easily, which can lead to infection.

  2. Vaseline is petroleum based. You can’t use any type of plastic with it because plastic is also petroleum based. That means the petroleum in the Vaseline will dissolve the plastic. This, as you can imagine, is pretty harmful to your health.

  3. Try preparation H. It it similar to Vaseline in texture and good for that area of your body!

  4. While safe as mentioned above in the article, it is not recommended for, nor intended by the manufacturer to be used as a lube.

    You might try The Butters Aloe x Shea or The Butters Cocoa Butter

    Hope this helps!

  5. I find Boy Butter to be super and it lasts for hours with one application. I haven’t found anything that works even half as well for toys.

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