Is breathing key to reaching the super o?

Today I had about a 90 minute session. The first 70 minutes did feel good, but I didn’t get any involuntarily and I got really close to a HFWO (not my goal). I didn’t really do anything but just laid there and relaxed. The last 5-10 minutes, I decided to try deep valley breathing. I started getting involuntaries, my body started shaking a bit and a warm buzz started to spread over my entire body. Unfortunately, I had to stop shortly, so I didn’t get to explore more.

In the 5+ years I’ve been using the Aneros, I’ve never tried the deep breathing during…have I been basically shooting myself in the foot?



  1. Yup. Breathing is essential. For some it comes more natural than others, that’s why it sometimes isn’t mentioned. Breathing deeply helps move your awareness lower, opening the path for blood and oxygen to flow downward to your prostate and surrounding tissue. Combine your breath with the right rhythm in concert with your contractions and you are set! Best of luck on the path!

  2. I think so. To me success with the aneros is as simple as meditation. If you’ve never looked into mindfulness/meditation techniques, I would recommend it and apply the techniques to your sessions. Once you make the prostate the object of meditation, results are pretty automatic and mind-blowing.

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