How would you describe the difference between a prostate orgasm and a super O?

Asking because I’ve had times where I had a nice pleasurable feeling that would build in my prostate, then it would go away. Wouldn’t feel any more pleasurable than a regular orgasm. I’ve heard people say that when you have a super o you’ll know and that it’s way different than prostate orgasms, so what exactly is the difference between the two?



  1. Prostate O = very good pleasurable feeling, being under control, thinking if that was a Super O or not, being able to not moan

    Super O = Ultra pleasurable feeling, feeling filled up with sexual energy, unable to think about anything, just beeing in the moment of full release, floating through the galaxy, knowing that this was lot more than just a normal prostate O, uncontrollable moaning

  2. For me it is the long duration of the orgasmic state that defines a super-O. A prostate O for me is a quick surge of intense pleasure that lasts for 10 – 20 seconds. A super-O for me can last for minutes; minutes where I am not in control of my body or mind, and am extremely and loudly vocal, uttering sounds I never make in a normal penile orgasm.

  3. A superO for me is EVERY PART of your body feels beyond wonderfull ,my facial muscles my tryceps are trembling each having their own little orgasm,tears, sobbing,and laughing,incredible energy and positive thouhgts when you finally wind down.

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