What do you listen to during a session?

Just curious what people like to use for audios to help get you in the mood for a good session. I’ve used mindgasm a few times, which is cool, but I’d like more variety than just that.

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Which one is your favorite?

Hey everyone, I’m looking to buy another aneros toy and I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite toy is. I currently have the MGX trident and the Progasm. I’m having trouble getting these to work for me. The MGX is just all together to small, I don’t get many sensations with it at all. And the progasm is nice, gives me some pleasant feelings, but nothing more than that. So I was hoping that the lovely people of readitt could give some insight on potentially better toys, and maybe how you specifically use them. When I use my progasm I try the do nothing method, which usually leads to some twitching, but then it quickly fades. Then I’ll try doing some light kegals, and the feeling disappears all together. Anything, tips or toy recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

What should I be doing with the toy once it’s in?

So I have the progasm black ice, and to be completely honest I love it. When I put it in it give a very nice a pleasant “full” feeling. And usually only a minute or two after it’s inserted my butthole starts to twice and it feels great, then I get hard from just that, which feels great as well. But then nothing. The twitching stops and my hard on goes away and everything just kind of fizzles out (but the pleasant “full” feeling remains).

So when this happened last night I just tried to remember what I’ve read on all these forums where most people say just “do nothing”, so I tried that and then, I literally almost fell asleep. So I woke myself back up and tried doing kegals. Little flexes weren’t doing much so I tried to flex as hard as I could for as long as I could (these flexes are a “pulling” flex, like trying to stop my pee stream. Pushing it like a poop didn’t really do anything at all). Which felt great when I was flexing, but it wore me out very quickly and if I wasn’t flexing the feelings faded quickly.

So I guess I’m just asking for advice. I feel pleasure with it in. But it’s not a building pleasure like everyone seems to describe. What should I be doing?