4 years and finally got it

I dropped acid for the first time and had a thought to try my nexus revo while peaking.

I was able to visualize exactly what was happening to my prostate It was like I was inside my prostate. just wow mind blowing. Only regret is i cant do it again untill my tolerance goes back down.

Has any one else experimented with psychedelics and aneros?

Quick question for some one who’s been at it for 3 years

Read alot of posts about relaxation which in its self is a challenge for me. But when I do and the pleasure is building I feel the toy being pulled inwards by its self. Then the involuntarys start and my lower half tends to get tence woosh pleasure gone. So should I try to stay relaxed when my ass is trying to eat my toys?

Also on a side note about positions I’ve taken some steps forward by laying on my side in the fetal position with my penis and balls tucked behind my legs any one else they this? I’m wondering if its stopping any thing else from happining