Quick question for some one who’s been at it for 3 years

Read alot of posts about relaxation which in its self is a challenge for me. But when I do and the pleasure is building I feel the toy being pulled inwards by its self. Then the involuntarys start and my lower half tends to get tence woosh pleasure gone. So should I try to stay relaxed when my ass is trying to eat my toys?

Also on a side note about positions I’ve taken some steps forward by laying on my side in the fetal position with my penis and balls tucked behind my legs any one else they this? I’m wondering if its stopping any thing else from happining

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  1. That happens to me on occasion too. If I clench down to hard, then the building pleasure falls back down. However, that also occurs if I totally relax. There is a sweet spot of tension that I have to hold when the involuntary shaking starts. IF I can keep that slight tension long enough during the shakes without clenching hard, then something switches and it feels like the aneros is doing it all. I don’t have to think or try to do anything.
    Then it’s just riding the O wave until it’s done with me.

    I’ve gotten better at controlling my muscles with practice. I used a couple male kegel apps for a while and read the multi orgasmic man and did several of the exercises prescribed in there. That really helped me in differentiating all the levels of tension that can be held.

    Also I’ve had the most success standing and leaning against the wall or back of my recliner. I found that while lying down the shaking would sometimes be so intense that I was striking the handle of the aneros against the bed and while that often felt good it would interfere with that tension sweet spot. If on my side then it can cause too much penile stimulation and that can make me cum and end the session.

    Good luck!

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