Had a lot of fun tonight with my girlfriend and a MGX.

Hey Reddit Aneros people,

I just started using an aneros again last night, after having purchased an MGX years ago and using it for a bit with limited success, and then sticking it a drawer to collect dust. I definitely had some pleasure using it, but not enough to keep my interest.

The main reason I decided to bring it out of retirement is that I finally have a girlfriend I feel comfortable enough with to bring up the idea of me using something like that with her.

I had enough fun with her and the MGX last night, that I went only and ordered two more models to try. The Helix Syn and the Progasm Jr. The MGX mostly seems good to me, but the narrow P-tab exerts an uncomfortable amount of pressure. I think I'm going to modify it if I keep using the MGX.

Earlier today we had talked about our thoughts on last night. My girlfriend was totally fine with me using the Aneros, but was a bit disappointed that I hadn't paid much attention to her the whole time I explained to her that I had been focusing on feeling new kinds of pleasure I'm not used to, but that I would be sure to pay more attention to her tonight.

I jump started this by getting us unclothed and starting to kiss and caress her body. I like to have her lay facing away from me like we're spooning. I kiss her neck and run my hands lightly up and down the front of her body. I also breath and whisper into her ear.