Second Try


The second attempt brought slightly more success, although I fear I am a long way from the elusive anal orgasm.

The key definately seems to be arousal. Although horny, I wasn't erect when I inserted the MGX, and found it difficult to achieve an erection once it was inside. There was however a lot of pre-cum again. After much manual stimulation I became hard and it instantly felt different. The head of my penis was much more sensitive, as was the shaft. If this felt so amazing I can't wait for the "real show" to begin!

This time I didn't have the urge to defacte, but really felt I needed to pee, does this mean it was postioned correctly, and pressing against my prostate?

I probably (!) shouldn't have, but at this point I masturbated to completion and had a very satisfying wet orgasm. I wouldn't say I produced more cum than usual, but my penis was (and still is, half an hour later) more sensitive than usual. Something definately felt different when I was erect. Enough to encourage me to continue on this journey.

So, I'll will keep trying, playing and enjoying …

Peace, love and good happiness stuff


  1. This my Second time doing it and I have pre-cumed and Iam not sure if I have made it there or not.. I know I have felt good from it I get off from it.. and fall a sleep and in the morning I want to go again .. I love the feel it gives me.. I hope that the big O is as good as this has done so far…

  2. The second time that I had it in it was great I had pre-cum and it was great feeling I know that if you keep at it that it will cum for you in many ways… Best of luck

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