Eupho – the journey goes up and up


Last evening I had my first session with my newly acquired Eupho and must relate that I am still 'reeling' from the experience. I have had many successful sessions using my MGX, Helix and for feeling more 'filled', the Maximus. But the Eupho has just moved me to planets new. I really am blown away by how much better things just got! So if you are a reasonably experienced user and haven't yet made the move for a Eupho – DO IT NOW!! You will not be disappointed. It generates an intensity that I can barely believe.
My session began with the usual preparations, but with the anticipation of things 'new', I was already extremely focussed with a high level of sexual awareness and tension, and was wet with a copius amount of pre-cum – all before I had even inserted any lube – let alone the Eupho!
After inserting the Eupho whilst laying on my LH side, RH knee drawn up, I moved onto my back and supported my lower back on a pillow, feet on other pillow with legs at 10 to 2. It is important for me in this position to ensure that the pillow is far enough back so the handle does not come in contact with the pillow and obstruct any free movement of the Aneros. I went through my usual breathing rhythms and I rapidly became aware that I was going to be in for something really special. The involuntaries gave way within ten minutes max (- who watches the clock when it really starts to happen!) to the start of 'Super Os'. The initial difference (Eupho to others) seemed to be demonstrated by the amount of pre-cum that began to literally 'pump' out of my penis in accordance with the movements of the Aneros. The session took on a new intensity that has moved on where I was in my relationship with my other devices. The great 'Super Os' that I had experienced previously seem to fade into memory with what was now happening to my body . I was generating an incredible amount of shaking and involuntary spasms reminiscent of really intense female orgasms. Although for the majority of the time I had maintained quite a respectably large 'softy', (way far heavier than limp) the feeling that I was ultimately able to sustain throughout an amazing chain of 'Super Os' was that I was consistently on the verge of an ejaculatory orgasm. This was a level of something that I had not experienced in this way previously. The sensations were almost 'too' much. I maintained this state for close on two hours and began to reach the point where I knew that I either had to 'come' with an ejaculatory orgasm as I now had acquired a really vigorous erection – and the pre-cum was even more copious than earlier on – or pass out! The temptation to touch myself that I had denied myself up till now, gave way to an extremely intense and highly productive ejaculation.
I felt really invigorated by the whole extraordinary excitement of the event.
The other change in approach that I tried for this session was the use of an additional amount of lube (10ml) in response to a suggestion from 'nood1963's post. Thanks 'nood' – I'm going to stick with this from now! It no doubt contributed to the wonderful extra movement that the Eupho affords.

Everyone take note – the Eupho is THE way to go! Enjoy – I certainly did and will again shortly!



  1. calton thanks for the recommendation about lube. I have been using that amount too. Now I have to go and bye the Eupho model. Made me jealous. You have awesome threads and tremendous suggestions and very personal experiences which help us newer guys enjoy the journey…thanks again..nood

  2. Hey Calton,
    I have recently mastered the MGX. I am able to manipulate it with the slightest contraction into incredible, non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms. Do you think I am ready for the Eupho or should I try the Helix next?

  3. charlie –

    I think that if you want to take a step up then I would go for Eupho. If you have mastered the techniques (and you say so) and have got a good sense of what is at stake here then this choice will really move you on in intensity of sensations – (and up)!
    It does cost a bit more than the others but I believe it is well worth the extra!
    Let me know how you like it.


  4. Hi Calton,

    Glad you have had the chance to catch up on the blogs. Nood and I have been enjoying a frank and enthusiastic discussion of our new experiences. It has been a lot of fun sharing my experiences with Nood, Buster and other members and receiving encouragement along the way.

    Thank-you for your advice about the Eupho and other matters on the Forum and Blogs. The suggestion which you and other experienced members provide have made the journey a lot less bewildering for me. I am almost overwhelmed by what I have experienced the last few weeks. I have quickly gone from eager yet clueless beginner, to being shocked by the intensity of my body's response, to the stage of unbridled experimentation and unexpected pleasures. I really do feel like a teenager.

    Am I really ready for the Eupho or should I wait? I know I could not last two hours like you did your first time with the Eupho. I have only had the MGX five weeks and am really enjoying the trip.

    Thanks, Charlie

  5. charlie –
    Thanks for your appreciative comments. I think that you should go for the Eupho. I acknowledge that in the selection guide it suggests that the Eupho is for experienced users but I believe that ringing the changes in itself brings the experiences that make you experienced – if you get my rather iterative meaning! Yes, the natural progression would be to go for the Helix, but I think you will surprise yourself with the differences that the Eupho offers. Remember that both the Helix and Eupho are not designed to be inserted 'up to the hilt', rather they have to have the freedom to pivot on the shoulder of the device, the lower thin bulbous part acting as a balance for the movements. The abuttment tabs are not as aggresive as on the MGX or Maximus, but that doesn't mean that they don't do the business.
    I know what you mean about the teenager bit! If only we had these then … ! But the great thing is the ecstatic sensations and euphoria that is induced – and all chemical-free!
    I have caught up on your blogs with nood and commented there!
    Go with care –

  6. Thanks for the explanation Calton.
    I catch your drift. Only experience makes you experienced. I am having so much fun with the MGX, I cannot even imagine what new pleasure await my body with the Eupho. I am going to place my order today. I'll let you know when it arrives and my first experience, for sure.
    Incidentally, I am still feeling new sensations with the MGX. Last night and this morning I felt wave after wave of moderately intense pleasure, not bone-crushing Super-Os but certainly a very satisfying rush of endomorphins. I like your description of these sensations as a drug free high. Just think, Aneros could win the war on drugs, if every guy tried it!
    Take care, Charlie

  7. charlie –

    Your posts led me back to choosing my MGX for my last session and it kind of bears out what I was saying about ringing the changes. This session with the MGX was I am sure my ultimate so far. If you start to analyse (I do like how appropriate that word appears here!) any session, you have to take account of everything in context, its not good enough just to think what device you are using and credit any success to the particular device. Your physical and mental state relative to your sexual receptiveness, the length of time since your previous session(s) – and those preferrably ejaculation free, the sexual tension that has been built up because you have extended the session Temporally, the direct environment to sustain the tension – warm, comfortable and relaxed perhaps with sexually explicit DVD, all contribute to raising the stakes sexually.
    The one great thing that happened for me that I had never experienced thus far was that at the height of the sensations the MGX actually started to vibrate. Not the high frequency type of vibrations that you you get with a vibrator but low frequency sensations that sptarted to spread to my whole body. At first I couldn't entirely understand what was happening and thought I was experiencing a kind of 'ghost' sensation but I very lightly touched the 'T' of the MGX and sure enough it was pulsing in a sustained trembling way – all beyond the frequency of deep spasms that I normally experience during a dry orgasm. Moreover, because I was in such a high state of sexual awareness, I was able to take control and extend this in individual periods of between five and ten minutes. All this time sustaining an extremely vigorous erection – one of those where you think that you have never been that size ever before – and want it to go on forever! I also had the sensation that I had a tight ring below the glans of my penis (I didn't) and profuse amounts of pre-cum seemed to be pumping from my penis. All in all a really memorable session that extended over one and a half hours.
    Because I am am fairly familiar with the physiology of the event I was able to really 'think' myself into what was happening to me and that in turn incresed the sexual tension. It's that positive loop that B Mayfield talks about – so Charlie, thanks to you I had a more than successful return to the MGX!
    I am sure that you will not regret choosing the Eupho and will have a similar initial response to mine – and great ones that I continue to have.

  8. Dear Calton,
    I'm honored that I inspired you to return to your MGX. Your results are just wild, a low level vibration and tightness under the glans. Wow! What caused that? Glad to read about your terrific session. I understand that I need to concentrate on the spiritual/physical links as I progress. As you read from my chats with Nood, I went through a short period were my body raced ahead of my mind. That kind of freaked me out until I allowed body and mind to synchronize. I think Nood and I have been able to progress rather swiftly because we understand this is a holistic experience. It also makes me wonder what other potential ( not just sensual) is locked up inside me. This journey has been so rewarding in many unexpected ways. Talk to you later.

  9. Calton,

    I am glad to hear your comments on the Eupho. Having the MGX, Helix and the Maximus all in my stable, I would think that the Eupho would be a good addition. I keep hearing about how these things are suppose to be able to jump around like crazy back there, I am wondering if that could be an issue for me? Maybe the Eupho might help out.

    Take care,


  10. Buster –

    The Eupho is certainly more active than the Helix, so there is more movement against your prostate. I am sure that if you have achieved good results with the Helix and MGX, you wont find the Eupho anything other than fantastic. It works in a similar way to the Helix, pivotting from the below the shoulder. This leaves the bulb part next to the T as a balance to the main inserted body of the device.

  11. Morning Calton,

    Now you have me thinking about it more seriously. Life is short and if it can help, then why not? I have been more leary about it because my Helix has not been as enjoyable as the MGX. I thought that the Eupho might be more of the same. I think that if I had to do it over again, I might not have purchased the Maximus because it seems to be warming the bench while I get this thing figured out.

    Take care of yourself.


  12. buster –
    … and every so often you kind of yearn for a session with a fuller feeling and the Maximus is there for you! I find it is not for every trip – more for the occasional detour – but it doesn't disappoint.

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