I have decided to keep this blog in hopes that my experiences will help others along their journey of sexual exploration.

I stumbled across the Aneros website early this month and decided that I had to see for myself what I was supposedly missing for the first 42 years of my life. I am straight, single and new to prostate/anal pleasure. I received my MGX three weeks ago and was pleased with what I experienced the very first session. I had one rockin' time. I felt things I never felt before, but I subsequently pushed too hard in the next few sessions and was a bit disappointed. I finally crossed the threshold into Super-O sensual Nirvana this past Monday by relaxing, taking my time, and allowing my body to respond to the subtle movements of the MGX.

Tonight, however, I experienced the most intense mind and body altering orgasm I have ever experience. Here is how it happened:

I cleansed my rectum and then took a long hot shower. I applied a moderate amount of astroglide gel to the MGX, a small bit on my anus, and inserted the Aneros. I climbed into bed, placed two pillows under my thighs, and began to take deep breaths. I felt the involuntaries begin almost immediately. I rolled over onto my right side and continued to breath deeply. I felt the Aneros moving inside me in a rythmic motion. I began to writhe around the bed and moaned gently. I turned over onto my back and as I did I felt new and different sensations in the pubic region above and on both sides of my penis. It felt like my lower abdomen was being pressed down by some phantom weight.

What I felt next was kind of strange. That same lower pubic region felt like it was "melting". (That is the closest way I can come to describe the feeling) This sensation lasted several minutes as the first gentle body quivers started in my arms and legs. My breathing became shallow, my penis became erect, and my glans turned bright scarlet. Pre-cum seeped from my engorged penis.

My abdomen began to quiver gently which slowly intensified into moderate shakes. I took several deep breaths and then my body began to shake ncontrollably, almost convulsing. I recognized the wave-like sensations crashing against my entire being and knew that a Super-O was near! I screamed, groaned and grunted as jolts of electricity surged threw my flushed, shaking body. I struggled to contract my muscles in order to hold the Aneros in place and this caused the MGX to jump in my anal canal. I screamed as I felt the MGX stroke my prostate and spasmatic anus. I held on to this bliss as long as I could.

Elecricity tingled through my body for several minutes. Static energy caused my body hairs to stand on edge. Since I knew that any smaller orgasms would not satisfy me tonight, I decided to end this session by masturbating, which ended quickly with a huge eruption of semen.

I laid in bed for five or ten minutes hardly believing what had just happened. I wondered why men were never encouraged to explore prostate and anal pleasures? They do not know what they are missing.

I dressed and went downstairs and laid on the couch. I could not believe that thirty minutes later my body was still gently pulsating!

This is my first entry on the blog. I'll try to keep a faithful and honest account of journey and share my experiences with other members.




  1. Isn't the experience just great?! I have sore muscles from my last session due to the major muscle groups that I was using. It makes one feel good even two days later. Hope your new experiences will be just as fruitful. Take it easy and will be good to hear about your experiences. nood

  2. Hey Nood,
    Hope your sore muscles relax soon so you can get back to pleasure. It is amazing how long the afterglow lasts.

    Seems like we joined the forum at the same time and are at about the same level. I appreciate any suggestions you have too.

  3. Hey Charlie,
    The sore muscles don't take away from the pleasure at all. It's amazing how many muscles that are used during orgasms. It's all good….nood

  4. Sunday January 29:

    Yesterday I was still flushed from my Friday night session, but couldn't resist a \"nooner\". The involuntaries began right after insertion of the MGX (the only model I own so far). I was able to feel the first waves within a few minutes. The orgasms were not as intense as last nights , but very satisying nevertheless. I am learning to gently and subtly manipulate the Aneros with my anal muscles to focus on the area of my prostate that make me cum. The session lasted about 45 minutes.

    This morning I awoke early with \"morning wood\" and what felt like involuntary contractions of my sphincter muscle. Is this just something I am imaging?


  5. Sunday, a few hours later,

    Yes, those were involuntaries. I became so aroused I had to get some relief soon. Scrap my plan to take the day off to rest.

    I inserted the MGX using a thinner lube than I had been using and the Aneros just took over. I looked at the clock. My first orgasm started in three minutes. It never really subsided but continued to build and build. Soon I was grunting and bucking like a cowboy on a bull. The only difference was that I was able to ride the Aneros for about 20 minutes of exquisite pleasure. I noticed that my penis never became erect. A slight stiffy is what I'd call it.

    Learning to control my muscles and move the Aneros so slighty is definitely the key to long extended non-ejaculatory orgasms.


  6. Good afternoon Charlie,
    B. Mayfield has a good thread under the Modification/techniques portion. Its under the the first thread, and almost down to the bottom. He titled it Other positions. If you dont understand how I do it, he describes the technique really good…..

    I wish I would of kept going last night. I bet if you do this technique you will have the marathon trip too. Take care and talk to you later. nood

  7. Monday January 30, 2006
    I tried BF Mayfield's technique Nood suggested. WOW.
    Left the office and got a good 30 minute aerobic workout on the elliptical trainer. Took a long hot shower, lubed up, and laid on my back as I usually do. The involuntaries started soon and I let the sexual tension build to a fairly high plateau. I stroked my inner thighs and gently touched at the hairs on my scrotum which increased the tension as I avoided contact with my penis. After 20 minutes or so, I got up and walked around a bit.
    Then I stood about 3 feet from my bed, lowered my torso, and began to gyrate my hips like Brian said. Soon my body began to really shake. I felt the MGX jump and massage my errogenous zones. I got so weak, I fell to my knees and put my head on the mattress. My entire head was pulsating with energy. My hips were pumping and my erect penis was bobbing. ( that felt really good). The orgasm was so intense I used all the energy I had left to climb back into bed and lay down. The elecricity flooding my body was so intense I became numb with pleasure. I tried to relax but the MGX would not let me. I felt another surge as the Aneros rocked my anus and prostate.
    This session lasted about an hour. I did not masturbate but feel the release of tensions like I do after ejaculation.WOW. Thanks Nood for the tip.
    Your indebted comrade,

  8. Hey Charlie,

    I'm glad you liked the tip. Having my knees on the floor has been working the best for me. Have you gotten the Euphos yet? The MGX is working nicely for now. The feeling you described is how I feel too. It's just amazing how it makes one feel so pleasant and fulfilled. I'm also 42, single and hetro. Wish I had known about how much enjoyment the prostate could give us earlier in life, but hey, now is just fine. Sounds like we are doing pretty well on the journey. I don't have one negative thing to say. It's been so, so enjoyable and I have learned so much about the male body and how we can get so much satisfaction from it. Will keep the blog entries going and any good tips that I get or discover, I will let you know. Whatever you discover or experience please let me know….Take it easy Charlie and enjoy your journeys…later….nood

  9. The sensations are becoming so intense. I feel like I'm heading into uncharted territory. I will let you know where I go from here.

  10. If all uncharted territories are like the ones we are having, I hope to visit them all…..nood

  11. Hey Nood,

    Enjoyed your last post and BF Mayfield's response.
    No, I have not tried the Eupho yet since the intensity of my orgasms has spiked with the MGX.
    I actually continued the session (the one using your tip) after posting to the blog and was physically and emotionally exhausted by the experience. Frankly, I am a bit shocked by my body's response. I think I need to chill out a bit since the mental and emotional components of the experience are undeniably intertwined with the physical. I will try to take a few days off. I appreciate your support.

  12. Hey Charlie

    Is everything okay about being physically and emotionally exhausted from the intense session? I hope you are just feeling really good and need to just chill….? I totally understand either way. Later dude. nood

  13. Everything is fine. From what I've read on the forum, my "internal hard drive" is being rewired. Bundles of nerves have awakened deep inside my being. I guess I am experiencing a hightened state of arousal to which I will become accustomned. Thanks for the concern.

  14. Friday, February 3, 2006: FRIDAY NIGHT FUN:

    Friday was fun night. Worked out, showered, lubed up, inserted my MGX, and laid in bed on my back with my feet on the mattress. Got into the groove and decided to see what other positions felt good. On my back spreading my cheeks with my hands allowed the Aneros to float about. That felt good as did kneeling beside the bed, doggie-style on the bed, squatting, legs propped up on the headboard, etc. This session rocked. Had the hardest erection kneeling. I felt more pressure underneath my testicles in this position too. Had several medium-intense orgasms and decided to stop with a fine masturbation. This session lasted about 45 minutes. Total enjoyment without a Super-O.

    Saturday, February 4, 2006: SATURDAY MORNING SUPER-O SESSION:

    Woke up groggy. Took a leak,lubed up my anus and the Aneros,and crawled back into bed. Pulled up the covers and laid on my back. Felt the waves start to build very gently. I was still half asleep as the intensity built. After 10 minutes or so, my biceps began to tingle and my abs started to tighten. My breathing became shallow and I knew I was in for something special. I kicked off the covers and pressed down on my hips as the first of six or seven orgasms rolled over my body. I was in a state of euphoria. The session lasted about 40 minutes. What a great way to start the day! I look forward to more prostate pleasure this weekend.

  15. Hello Charlie,
    Had a good couple of trips, yeah? Sounds like taking a couple days off created astounding results. I think that does the trick too. (sometimes). I tried a couple of new positions last night. With my chest on the bed I stuck my legs straight out with my knees off the floor. Like you would be doing push-ups. Then I would move my knees up and down to create movement and do contractions at the same time. Quite arousing for me. At one point I stood in the doorway, grabbed the top of the doorway and again moved my knees in and out. I hope you somewhat understand the positions I am telling you. Really don't think you need help on the positions though, but if you think about it, try them. I am having such good results and so are you. Talk to you later…..nood

  16. Had a mellow experience Sunday evening after the Super Bowl.

    I crawled into bed for the night, laid flat on my back and decided to just relax and see what would happen as sleep approached. I did not contract at all.(I have heard this called the do nothing method)

    I felt the Aneros gently massage my prostate. I really did not have much twitching in the anal region. Most sensations were concentrated in my upper pubic region. Not much shaking, more like a pleasant floating in the ocean type sensation. I got an erection which did not last long. No intense orgasm. Not even sure I would classify what I experienced as orgasmic, but it sure felt good. A very gentle and pleasurable sensation. After 40 minutes it was time to sleep. Much better than counting sheep.
    I woke up Monday morning relaxed.

  17. Charlie,

    I am enjoying the banter between you and nood. Your excitement about this has been a breath of fresh air. I think I was getting burnt out. I hope to get where you both are soon.


  18. Yes – I wholly agree with Buster. Its great to share the experiences and help each other. Using an Aneros device is so much about the small nuances (unlike what we are traditionally accustomed to in purely penile masturbatory terms) and the movements so slight in comparison to the great pleasure that is induced. The details do make the difference, so sharing is to be celebrated. Good wishes, all

  19. Saturday, February 11, 2006:

    The weekend got off to a good start Friday night. I worked out, showered, lubed up, and lept into bed. I laid on my back as I start each session. The MGX jumped all over my prostate almost from insertion. However, instead of building to a crescendo, the sensations stayed at what I would call semi-orgasmic. I had a few jolts of energy in my right leg, lots of panting and shaking, but no Super-O. I know it won't happen at will like a penile orgasm, so I chilled out and enjoyed the Aneros gently rock my body.
    After an hour or so, I got dressed and went downstairs. I was still in a fairly aroused state, and after an hour or so I felt like I was on the verge of an Aneros free Super-O. I ran upstairs, took off my clothes, re-lubed and jumped into bed. Guess what? No Super-O. Great sensations like before, maybe moe intense. After an hour, I went to sleep. I left the MGX and lube on the bedstand.
    Saturday morning I woke up. My prostate and ass were begging for their little plastic friend. I took a leak, inserted the Aneros and crawled back into bed. The involuntaries gripped the MGX and I started to shake and pant. Guess what? No Super-O, just terrific sensations. I would call them orgasmic, though, since I definitely had a head rush. After about an hour of this pleasure, I got up and corresponded with Nood and Carlton. Had a cup of coffee and my prostate and ass started screaming for their buddy again.
    I inserted the MGX and this time the sensations were very intense. After 15 minutes, the sexual tension which had built up since last night exploded into 45 minutes of pure bliss. I went from my back to my side, to kneeling, standing, on my back legs in the air, etc… I topped off this sensation with a geyser of semen. I'm still feeling the aftershocks of this full body earthquake.
    I guess my body wanted to really rachet up the sexual tension before it was ready to let go. I'm still learning a lot, feeling new things, and having a great time.
    I'll talk to everyone later.

  20. Tuesday morning, St. Valentine's Day,

    I don't think there will be too much to share on the blogs today with Buster on vacation, and Nood, Calton and I avoiding the pleasures of the flesh this week. Maybe someone else will jump in or maybe Calton can give Nood and I some tips. Take care everone. Peace.

    (still Master of My Domain)

  21. Dont count me out yet Charlie. I have not left yet. Check out my blog. Not only am I still here but I am managing to work in a session. Congratulations on your self restraint. It can sometimes be difficult. Good luck.


  22. Hi Charlie,
    It's been one long week. My will power is running thin, but only one more day. Then let the fun begin!!!! I have felt the tension build up like you said. I need to try your favorite position this weekend, but will need to improvise by doing it somewhere else other than the bed. I'll think of something. I bet you are standing by the mailbox…….
    Take it easy and talk to you later my friend…Peace,

  23. Hey Nood,
    Hang in there. I actually rested fairly well last night and feel a bit more comfortable today. Hope to find a package waiting for me in the mail when I get home. I've got my fingers crossed. Take care. Peace,

  24. Hey Nood and Calton,
    I have to admit that I did not make it till my Eupho arrived. Last night I physically hurt. I read that the medical term for blue balls is "unrelieved vasocongestion". I felt much better after I ejaculated. I guess I was over-stimulated to the point of extreme discomfort. I now understand why Brian Mayfield says he ends most every Aneros session with an ejaculation. Now the good news- it did not do anything to take away from the pleasures of my first Eupho session. Got to go talk with you later. Peace,

  25. Charlie, I was starting to get "blue balls" also. Doing the wait for me was so worth it. The wad I shot tonight was fruitful to say the least and just seemed to empty out every inch of my inner self. You can relate, right?! I sound like a broken record, but this whole aneros experience has just blown me away. It's just getting better and better. Talk to you soon pal. Peace,

  26. charlie – and nood
    Oh the flesh is weak! I guess the tension was just too much to bear, but there again who am I to speak when there are sensations to be had.

  27. Hi Charlie,

    Welcome back! I hope your time away was relaxing for you and you are ready to hit it. You know what I mean.


  28. Hi Charlie,

    Just want to say hi and hope that everything is going good. I still have amazing orgasms. My journey last night sent me to the outer universe. It was so intense and pleasureable. Take it easy and hope to hear from you soon…Peace,

  29. Hello Charlie,

    Since we both have been in this together for four months now, just like to ask you a couple questions about your experiences. Did you notice any different feelings with your last session using the MGX? My last session was really intense and exuberating to say the least using the MGX. I literally was on top of a wave in 45 seconds. Are you having to do much of the breathing exercises before or during your sessions? I seldom need to do any for the warm-up. In some of my journey's I must start to deep breath, because I'm panting so hard. You are right about our pc muscles, they have gotten a lot stronger and produce really amazing muscle contractions. Have you discovered any new positions which you like better than the rest? I have been having wonderful results while on my sides, and still while on my modified stomach position. Still have awesome erections through start to finish. I remember when I first started, they were sometimes non-existent at times. The Euphos has not let me down. Still creates such a fantastic trip to those unchartered lands. Hope all is well and enjoy the spring. Thanks for all the help along the way. Take care and peace. Nood

  30. Hey Nood,

    I'm more than happy to answer your questions.
    First, yes, my MGX session was much more intense. I hadn't used the MGX since I received the Eupho and was intrigued by what you and Calton had posted about your return to the trusted old friend. The Super-Os were electrifying and the MGX literally pounded my ass. I can now distinguish between anal and prostate triggered orgasms. There definitely is a difference. After the slim profile of the Eupho, the thicker MGX provided a fuller sensation.

    Second, I don't find the breathing exercises necessary to achieve orgasm as I did before. Like you, I start each session at a higher plateau and can achieve orgasm quickly. I guess the rewiring process and PC exercises conditioned us to the Aneros. I do still enjoy the breathing exercises to relax, but I do them prior to inserting the Aneros.

    Third, as to new positions, I still enjoy lying flat on my back. I did have a great session last week lying on my stomach, however, I had a hard time resisting the urge to hump my pillow!

    Fourth, I too have great erections when I take a few days between sessions. However, when I'm not stressed or pre-occupied, I am able to have daily Super-O sessions. When I have these back to back sessions, my erections come and go and the Super-O's are not as intense, but they feel great nevertheless.

    Like I told you in my last post, I am definitely more in tune with my body and mind. I know exactly which sensations are precursors to an orgasm. I am able to sense what strength of contraction will trigger a really intense Super-O and which will trigger a more mellow orgasm. I definitely feel the same sensations in a dry orgasm which I feel when I ejaculate. Everything is just great!

    I am glad that we have been able to write frankly of our experiences. Thanks. Wishing you continued Peace and Happiness on your journey,


  31. Hello Charlie,
    I do have to agree with all of your answers. I am happy to hear that I am pretty much having the results and feelings as one should be experiencing.

    You mentioned how you can distinguish the difference between your anal and prostate orgams. I have not separated these two occurances yet. Will try and separate the different orgasms next time.

    Well Charlie, thanks for listening and helping me with this fantastic experience. There are days where I can't believe how much pleasure one gets from these sessions. It's just so amazing!!

    Take care and happy journeys. Peace always,
    p.s. the weekend is almost here…..hurray…..

  32. Hey Nood,
    It's not that difficult for me to differentiate between the different orgasms. Anal orgasms start with involuntary contractions which build into intense spasms which are the precursor to the Super-O. Prostate orgasms start with a slight tickling sensation in the area between the naval and penis,which occurs prior to the electrical surge which accompanies the Super-O. The very best Super-O sessions are those when those distinct orgasms converge into a breathtaking whole body experience, which I know you have achieved! Have a great, relaxing, pleasureable weekend. Peace,

  33. Hi Guys,

    I am enjoying hearing about your experiences. I too appreciate your frankness because it all helps. My Blog is down. I have asked Aneros support about it and have not had a response yet. Apparantly, it will only display up to the 50th post even though it shows more in there. Ahh, technology! Good luck with your experiments and know that you are at least blazing the trail for me.

    Have a great weekend,


  34. charlie, nood and buster.

    Good to read of your continuing positive experiences and that you enjoy the elements of ringing the changes by cycling the models.
    Stay well –


  35. Hello everyone!
    I thought I would share my recent experiences since it has been a while since my last post.
    I enjoy alternating between the Eupho and MGX. Each device creates its own unique pleasures. The Eupho has generated really wild Super-O's which are truly whole body. The vibrations are so intense and radiate all the way into my chest until the pleasure shoots from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. At times I feel as though my entire body is one sexual organ. The MGX, with its ribbing, generates anal orgasms which are so pleasurable I grunt and growl.
    I think that I am undergoing a third round of rewiring, if that is possible. This time the rewiring process is much more subtle and gentle. I cannot wait to experience the new pleasures of uncharted territories. I will let you know what I encounter once I get there. Until then, take care, and peace to all friends,

  36. Yes, I have been rewired a third time and last night and early this morning I visited uncharted territories.

    Last evening, I was incredibly charged with sexual energy. At 10:00 PM, I went upstairs and was semi-hard in anticipation of what my body was craving. I lubed my Eupho with a thin coat of vaseline covered with a thicker layer of KY jelly, inserted the unit and laid very still on my side. After a few moments, I began gentle anal contractions. It was not long until I felt the onset of my first orgasm. I began slow rythmic anal and rectal contractions which put me over the edge. The waves came one after the other. My prostate vibrations were stronger and more intense than ever before. The Super-O's I experienced were sublime. This session lasted about an hour before I decided to see what would happen if I switched to my MGX.

    I applied a thin layer of vaseline to the MGX, removed the Eupho, and slid the MGX into place. Instantly, I felt a strong pressure on my prostate and my sphincter began to spasm. I became rock hard as another wave of Super-Os crushed over my body. I began more aggressive anal and rectal contractions which literally milked my prostate. Large streams of prostatic fluid flowed out of my penis onto my belly. I have never had that much precum before! That was all I could take, so I tugged my cock until I came in buckets. Wow!

    What happened next, at about 2:00 AM was truly breathtaking and something I have never experienced before. I awoke with an urge to urinate and a gentle tingling in my prostate. I got up, took a leak, and crawled back into bed. I tried to go back to sleep, but my prostate would not allow me to sleep. I inserted the Eupho which was lying next to my bed and rolled over onto my side. I was quite groggy when the Eupho began to move on its own. I rolled over onto my back and felt my entire body, starting with my groin, and radiating into my chest, begin to tense up. My arms went numb and my breathing became so shallow I struggled to breath. Then a huge bolt of sexual pleasure flowed from my hardening cock and washed my entire being in pleasure. My anus was in full spasm and the Eupho was moving back and forth over my prostate as it simulataneously stimulated my anus. I was now truly in an altered state of consciousness. The pleasure was so intense I felt like I was dreaming. I could not feel anthing except total bliss as wave after wave of pleasure bathed my body. I had no control over the Eupho's movements and writhed around my bed. I rolled over onto my stomach and the stimulation on my cock was so intense I ejaculated on my sheets. I rolled over and the Super-Os continued unabated! I lost all sense of time and place. I was total Id. I do not know how long my orgasms continued until I removed the Eupho. This session was truly amazing. I have never experienced anything like it in my life! I awoke this morning still awash in pleasure and not believing that this happened, but the stain on my sheets prove that it did.
    Peace to all friends,

  37. Hey Charlie,

    Wow, you sure had some fun, yeah? I myself have been switching units too after about an hour. Tonight I was switching after every orgasm. It was such a nice pleasureable time. Each unit has such a positive and precise duty. I still am learning and discovering new things and after each time I tell myself how can it get any better, but some how each time it does just that-gets better, right? My eyes are falling shut…g-night.


  38. Hey Buster and Nood,
    It was good to hear from both of you and to know that you are doing well. I cannot believe what has happened to me over the past few weeks. I think I have broken through the plateau I reached a few months ago. I'll let you guys know as my journey into uncharted territories continue. Take care, and as always, Peace.

  39. I've got a question for the experts..

    How much time do you give yourself between sessions?

    Let me know when you get a chance.

    Thanks for the help.


  40. Hello friends,
    After reading oxo's post, I re-read BF Mayfield's Bee-Line "Aneros The Only Way to Fly?" I decided to see if I could experience an Aneros free Super-O. I woke up early this morning. I began rythmic breathing and after awhile my stomach began to flutter and my arms began to tingle. I tried to focus this energy as Brian suggested and the tension built to a peak. After about 20 minutes,My cock got hard as the pleasure washed over my body. Unfortunately, I could only ride the wave for about 30 minutes, because I had to get out of bed and get ready for work. Next time, I'll set my alarm clock and wake up earlier so I'll have more time. Take care, and as always, Peace to all friends.

  41. Hi Charlie,

    I have a lot of work ahead of me this week-end!!!!!!!!!!I read the bee-line, and I really hope I can get some good results. Take care, and enjoy your holiday on Monday. Will keep all informed on my homework. Nood

  42. Hello Charlie,

    Summer has become so crazy. Have been working my ass off then come home and fall asleep.

    Have been mostly getting my pleasures in on the week-ends. Mostly sundays. Each time try to discover a new position or try to improve on the old ways. Have you been discovering anything new and exciting to report? Had a real nice session last sunday. Used the Euphos and brought myself to about 10 or so 0's. Sure is nice to have good results after a weeks time. The final finale is always so much fun after a week of abstinence. Let me tell you that my stomach and chest get covered with a lot of frosting……Take care and talk to you later….Peace, Nood

  43. Monday, July 31, 2006

    I ordered the Helix last Wednesday and two days later it arrived in the mail. I cannot believe I waited so long to try out this model. I could tell by holding it in my hand that it was not just a modified MGX. The Helix is a bit shorter and sharply contoured compared to the MGX. The head is much broader and heavier.
    I lubed up, crawled into bed and positioned myself on my back with my feet flat on the bed. As soon as I inserted the Helix I could tell that it is perfectly balanced. The Helix pivots on the thin stem and the bulbous head massaged my prostate so sweetly. In no time the involuntaries began. I manipulated the unit gently with both anal and rectal contractions. I found that rectal contractions were most effective as the unit just seemed to hone back in on my anxious prostate. Soon I was really in a rhythm which carried me into orgasmic territory.
    The Super-O's were awesome. I rolled over onto my side and the Helix prostate massage intensified. I rolled over onto my stomach and decided to enjoy the ride. The Helix sent me off into space. I really enjoyed the new sensations. I had a lot of fun test driving the new model before grabbing the stick shift and ending the session with a "spurt" of speed.
    All in all, I love the Helix.

  44. Hey my friend,

    Glad you like the Helix!! Sounds like you broke it in well…I as you probably know have the Helix. In all my sessions so far, it is #3. It does help me to have good orgasms, but the other two are better for me.
    My favorite is the MGX, then the Euphos.

    Did you like the abutment tab on the Helix any differently? Take care Charlie. Peace, Nood

  45. Hi Charlie,

    Good to hear from you. Ah, the Maximus. What I can tell you about the Maximus is that is was not the model that helped me to finally achieve the Super O. As a matter of fact, I think that it was a distraction. I think I got it too early for my own good. I dont use it much at this point. Funny that I seem to have my best sessions with my first purchase, the MGX. The Maximus is a good model. It certainly does have that fuller feel to it. I think that maybe one of the issues with it is that because it is larger, it does not have as much ability to move as the other models. I do like to pull it out and use it in the second part of a session. I have a tendancy to like to mix it up during a session. I know that spending money is sometimes an issue on things like this, but I would recommend that you make it part of your arsenal. All you can do is have more fun than you are already having. Let me know how it goes.

    Take care Charlie, and have a great weekend.


  46. After speculating with Buster about a "higher level", I thought I would post my recent experiences:
    I have made a concerted effort to relax, eliminate all expectations, and just "let go." I have allowed myself more time per session and have tried to relax all the muscles in my body. I have concentrated on deep rythmic breathing in order to reach total relaxation.
    I have found myself drawn to the Helix since it feels like it was designed just for my body. It pivots and massages effortlessly which allows me to concentrate on the more mental & emotional aspects of the journey. I find that this in turn intensifies the physical response.
    I have not reached a higher level and really do not know if it even exists. I am content with the pleasures I receive as I travel through life. It is hard for me to believe that I have come so far since January. It is all about self exploration and refusing to be restrained by old limits and taboos.
    Sorry if I am rambling or are being too philisophical. Peace to all friends,

  47. Hi Charlie,

    I gotta believe that it does exist. It is all within us to tap into it. I mean, look how fare we have come in this? I am thankful that it is the weekend because I have not had the proper amount of time required for my extended sessions. I am going to take a play out of your playbook and explore the Helix today. Get back and let me know how it goes this weekend.

    Take care buddy.


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