Charlie's First Eupho Experience

Friday, February 17, 2006:

I raced home from work to find a gift from myself in the mailbox. I opened the package and inspected the Eupho which I was anxiously awaiting. The Eupho is much thinner than the MGX but really not much longer considering that it is not inserted to the hilt. The abutment tab is also smaller and longer than that of the MGX.

I was shaking with excitement as I went upstairs. I cleansed my bowels, took a hot shower, and injected about 2T of Wet lube internally. I laid in bed on my side and inserted the Eupho which I also lubed. Needless to say, the Eupho was easy to insert. I was pleased that the abutment tab hit and grabbed my sweet spot perfectly. I laid on my back, feet flat on the bed at about the 11/2 position. I felt a slight, but pleasant tension as my sphincter attempted in vain to grab onto the smooth narrow neck of the Eupho. (No ribs on the Eupho unlike the MGX). I looked down and could see how the Eupho is not entirely inserted into the body but pivots near the base.

Since I was so excited, the involuntaries were nearly instantaneous to my insertion of the Eupho. I could feel the unit jump in my body. The adjective "agile" is appropriate. Within a few short minutes, my entire body was shaking and I could not get comfortable, in a good way, if you know what I mean. My penis became rock hard and dripped pre-cum. My body tensed as I struggled to breath deeply and my first mild orgasm started after about 15 minutes. I could tell that the Eupho massages the prostate differently than the MGX. I did not contract my muscles but decided to let the Eupho lead the journey into uncharted territory. I really felt a lot more penile stimulation with the Eupho compared to the MGX. My orgasms did not come in continuous waves, but were no more than a minute or so apart. I grew physically tired since I was struggling to control my body as I was thrashing all over the bed. I scooted back and rested my legs on the footboard. Everything felt so good!

I was cruising through my first Eupho session for about an hour, loving each new sensation, when I felt the sexual tension build to a higher plateau than I ever reached with the MGX. My penis, which had been semi-erect perked to attention. It felt bigger and heavier than before. I closed my eyes and imagined I had this huge cock. My penis pressed into my belly like it wanted to penetrate my belly button. I thought what I had experienced for the last 45 minutes were Super-O's. They were mild compared to the crushing waves that now crashed over my body. It's hard to describe, but while they were very intense, they were soothing at the same time. (sorry I can't describe this better.

After 10 minutes or so, I really wanted to cum (ejaculate). I stroked my hard shaft and contracted the Eupho at the same time. I shot a heavy stream of semen all over my abdomen and chest. I laid back in bed in awe of what I had just experienced. The journey into uncharted territory continues. If I got this response my first time, I cannot wait until I become truly proficient in the pleasures of the Eupho!


  1. Hey Mr.,

    Awesome. Way to go…!! I knew you would see different lands with the Euphos. I totally understand to what you are saying. No further description is needed on your new experience. I will eventually need to purchase the Euphos. Had such a good journey tonight with both. I bet you are still awash with good feelings. Your proficiency should take no time, since you are already a scolar. Congratulations. Peace, nood

  2. Hey Calton,

    I really want to thank you for your encouragement. I would not have purchased the Eupho without your enthusiastic recommendation. Last night, and this morning I experienced several intense sensations I never felt with the MGX. I felt so many new and subtle sensations I will just list them in no particular order:

    1. Increased penile stimulation and more rigid erection. My penis feels like it is being stretched and my frenum tingles. Wow, this feels good!

    2. My entire body becomes flush as though I was lying in the hot summer sun.

    3. I struggle to keep control over my legs and buttocks. It is like they are in spasm.

    4. The tingling which proceeds orgasm stretches beyond my abdomen into my chest. My nipples actually tingle.

    5. My body reaches a higher level of sexual tension and a more sublime Super-O. My Super Orgasms are not so much the electrical jolt variety, but a more liquid flowing pleasurable variety. That is why I described them as intense, yet soothing

    6. It all feels so good, I don't want to stop, but my body tires from the constant tension. It is harder for me to relax my body with the Eupho inserted. (I read an old forum post where a user thought he had toned his abs. Hope that's my case too)

    The Eupho seems to gently but persistently probe the prostate and anal canal as it builds the sexual tension toward an explosive orgasm. It is a real tease, like an older, experienced and confident lover, as opposed to the MGX's enthusiastic, eager to please, young woman.

    You have got me hooked. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have as my journey continues. Now, let's work on Nood. If I was ready for the sublime pleasures of the Eupho, he certainly is too. ( I know you are reading this Nood.)
    Thanks a million, your semi-experienced pal,

  3. charlie
    Good to read of your positive experiences and am glad that you were not disappointed on your maiden flight with your Eupho. As you write, it really moves things along in the scheme of things – the sensations that it gives, as you are now getting to know, are wholly different. The one thing being the quicker time to first involuntaries – the second (as you too described) is the increase in the weight, size and sensitivity of erection. Its a weird (but great!) feeling that your penis is bigger and harder than ever before – as though its not your own! All very exciting- in a hetero way!
    Time to relax and look forward to your next session. I'm pleased for you that you continue to move to higher things. Thanks for your kind words.


  4. Hi Charlie,
    How's it going? You are having way too much fun! Yes, you make me jealous, but I'll get over it. Don't remember if you have a Helix or not. A lot of your descriptions of the Euphos correspond to what I experience when using the Helix. The description of the experienced confident lover and the eager to please, young women, hit the nail dead center. With the Helix my sexual tension is still there, but with that sublime mellow feeling.
    I had another journey that whisked me away to the unknown this morning. In someways it was better than last night. In the night I woke up a lot and had very awesome hard-ons. I guess I didn't get rid of all the built up sexual arousal I had in me. It took me about 1 minute for the o's to arrive and they just stayed with me. What a way to wake-up, right? Actually did more positions on the bed, and finally jerked off at the highest point a guy can go. Came all over my belly and chest too…It's such a feeling when you are about to shoot and the abutment tab grabs and digs into the m.d.p. and gives you the ride of your life. Makes me curl-up. And afterwards one just lays there exhausted, and feeling all the wonderful senses you have just experienced.
    So, you think I am ready for the Euphos? I'm very eager to purchase the E., although the experiences I'm having with the other two stimulators are still blowing me away. You made me laugh, when you said that you guys need to \"work on nood\". Thanks for the input and encouragement. Keep me informed like always. Wonder how Buster is doing on vacation? Talk to you later. Your better than average, non-using Euphos user pal.


  5. Good morning friends,

    I just wanted to report to you my latest, surprising session with Eupho.
    The persistent yet gentle lover decided she wanted to play a little rougher this morning. Thing started out like the first two sessions as I experienced nearly instantaneous involuntaries and a rock hard erection. However, the intensity ratched up at a more rapid pace. My penis felt like it was being directly stimulated by Eupho. ( I guess the internal root of my penis was being massaged hard by the abutment tab. I count myself lucky that Eupho knows exactly where my sweet spot is located.) After about a 20 minute crescendo, the sexual tension peaked and my penis throbbed like I was going to cum. I literally growled in ecstacy. I looked down, expecting my first Super-T, but the cannon did not shoot. Wow this was intense!
    Following this incredible non-ejaculatory orgasm, the sexual tension began to recede slowly and gently. It seems that Eupho knew that her man could not remain in this extreme state of arousal. I had several other orgasms throughout this session which were very satisfying. I topped the morning off manually with a vigorous ejaculation. That, too, feels better with Eupho. She really rocks along with the muscular spasms which occur as I cum.
    Just when I think that I have felt it all, something new happens out of the blue. This journey is simply incredible.
    Talk to you later. Peace to all.
    Your friend,

  6. charlie
    Did I warn you – or did I warn you?! Glad things continue to become wilder … my experience (of earlier today) pays tribute to the action of the Eupho!
    Keep the orgasms rolling,

  7. Charlie,

    Okay, I can't sit here and read about you and Calton having such good journeys. The way you describe the Euphos experience sounds just to nice to pass up. Just placed the order! Should be in my mailbox by this week-end. (Hopefully)
    How am I going to get through this week knowing that the big kahoona is in the mail?! Talk to you later. You're such the salesman….


  8. Great news Nood!
    I am glad that my work out buddy has agreed to train with me in the next leg of the journey into uncharted territory. With Calton as coach, we should be well on our way to mastering the game. I am really anxious to hear how Eupho treats you. I know you ready for the spike in intensity which the Eupho creates. Peace,

  9. Greeting friends,

    Yes, Calton did warn me, and he was correct. Things just keep getting wilder and wilder. Here's what happened this Monday holiday afternoon:

    I went for a long walk on a brisk, brilliantly sunny winter day. I got home and watched a little X-rated DVD to really get aroused. I prepped, laid on my back and Eupho took off as though she were sprinting in a race. I tried to slow things down with deep breathing but this did not work. I turned onto my side (a position that really does not do that much for me) thinking maybe I could slow the insistent throbbing on my prostate and anus. No luck here. The tension continued to build and a sharp bolt of electricity shot from my buttocks through my torso, right shoulder, and down through my right hand.

    I returned to my back as my penis grew longer and heavier and began to twitch. I moaned as I approached my first orgasm. What is different from my previous MGX orgasm is that the Eupho orgasm truly is the powerful non-ejaculatory orgasm which I have read about since youth but never thought I would experience! My muscles contract and my penis throbs exactly like it does during a very forceful ejaculation. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the Super-O's I have had up to this point weren't powerful, it's just that they were not as much penis-focused as the orgasms I experience with my Eupho.

    I have not yet been able to loop these penile orgasms into a Super-O series. Maybe my mind and body do not realize that I have not ejaculated and automatically go into a slight refractory period. The good news, however, is that I am still able to have Super-Os, just not the penile-focused type. My body soon realizes it has not shot the wad and a kind of pleasant sexual frustration ensues. My body went into seriously intense spasm and Eupho was really banging my ass. After an hour, I ended the session with a tremendous manual ejaculation. ( I understand where Calton is coming from there) It's kind of a maddening sensation, just constant sexual tension, the only thing I can do to relieve this sensation is to masturbate. (So I really do feel like a teenager again!)

    So to conclude, I have much work ahead of me with my Eupho. She has a mind of her own and my body doesn't fully understand her nuances. Take care all. Till the next journey. Peace,


  10. Good morning Friends,

    I am experiencing another period of \"re-wiring\" as my body adjusts to the new sensations triggered by Eupho. I now realize this period of slight discomfort (if that is what you call the constant dull sensations) is actually a positive indication that my pubic muscles and nerves are being vigorously stimulated in new and exciting ways. I think the training analogy is appropriate in this situation. As the muscles strengthen and nerves become accustomned to Eupho I will have a better ability to manipulate the stimulator towards even more intense orgasms. Take care. Peace to all.


  11. charlie
    The problem is that one starts to run out of superlatives with this one. Your journey sounds good – the surprises are never wholly the same surprises, I guess that is the joy of all these new experiences. You seem to have a measured approach to all this which is great – so many expectations (elsewhere) are laid at the feet of the devices as a means of performance-related instant gratification. Hope this makes sense – ride that wave!

  12. Hi Charlie,

    You and Calton are scaring me!! Not really, but sort of. I had thought to take this week off until Ms.E arrives, but had a shitty day at work and came home and had a session with the Helix. I knew that I wouldn't have any earth shattering super o's, but I did have some real nice waves that made me really feel good again. Just a few more days until I can join the regiments again. Can't wait! Getting tired. Good night. Peace,


  13. Hey Nood,
    Take it easy. Don't get too worked up like I did. I guess my libido was, and is, too strong to wait a week. Falling off the wagon certainly did not hamper my first Eupho experience. I was actually more relaxed which is, as you well know, crucial for a positive journey.

    Hey Calton,
    I understand exactly what you mean by taking the measured approach. I think that so much frustration expressed on the forum comes from guys who expect instant results. This is totally unrealistic. Knowing that there are unexpected pleasures on the road ahead certainly enhances the experience. Maybe the journey is more rewarding for older, more patient men. Well so much for philosophizing.

    To both friends and new friends too,
    I will be leaving for a short vacation in the sun tommorrow afternoon and will return next Tuesday night. I regret I will not be here to read about Nood's first experience with Eupho, but I know he will have much to share that I will be able to read when I get home. I am traveling without my Aneros(es) so I should have quite a ride the night I get home. I'll say my goodbyes tomorrow. Till then. Peace to all,

  14. Hey Charlie,

    Have fun in the sun! Yes, the week-end for me will be fun filled. Will surely keep you informed of my progress. How are you going to deal with not having (the lady) with! Enjoy yourself…..Peace,

  15. Hey Nood,
    Talk to you and the rest of the gang when I return. Hopefully, I will find other pleasures to explore on vacation. Can't wait to hear about the new experiences that await you. Peace, Till next week,

  16. Wow! You guys are just flying! I dont think I can catch up with some of these experiences. Just back from the break. Charlie, you are gone, I hope you are enjoying some nice weather. Nood, I hope your package arrives today so you can have a full weekend of fun. Calton, I hope all is well, you seem to be a very effective coach. I am certainly happy for the progress you guys have made.


  17. Hi Charlie,

    Just hoping you are having a good vacation. Had such a good first experience with the Euphos. Still somewhat amazed at how gentle and ghost like it felt, but created such earth shattering orgasms. Hats off to you pal, for recommending the Euphos. Talk to you later. Peace,


  18. Hello everyone,
    I am back from a very relaxing break. Sounds like Nood had a great first experience with Eupho! Excellent.
    I was happy to read Barney join in our discussions. Take care. I am glad to be back. Peace to all.

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