What's Better: Sexual Tension Or Total Relaxation ?

Hello Everyone,
I'm back from vacation and I want to share my experiences of last night and today.

Last night: I got home aching for a session with Eupho. It had been six days since any sexual activity and I was definitely suffering from congestion. My groin throbbed. I inserted Eupho and the discomfort subsided. I had instant wood and pre-cum leakage, body shakes, and chills up my spine. What I did not have was an orgasm. I think I was too agitated physically and mentally drained from travel. After an hour I really needed to cum and I had an explosive ejaculation which really cleared out the clogged pipes. It was a satisfying conclusion to a somewhat frustrating session. Afterwards, I still had some groin discomfort, but that was totally gone when I woke up this morning.

Tonight: I got home from work, worked out fairly hard, took an extra long hot shower, and crawled into bed with Eupho inserted. I laid on my back and relaxed. I really mean relaxed. The involuntaries quickly led into my first orgasm. Within minutes my entire body was surging with electricity and my cock felt harder than ever. The slit on the crown of my penis throbbed as my body quaked with my most intense Super-O to date. I concentrated on and visualized the throbbing tip of my cock. I contracted my shincter the way it contracts involuntarily when I cum and was able to loop this Super-O! (A first with Eupho). I had six Super-O's the fifth of which was the most intense. I felt terrific sensations on my prostate, asshole, and penis. Then after about 30 minutes of thrashing around the bed, the orgasms abruptly stopped. I did not have that overwhelming urge to cum since I must have emptied my prostate last night. I was glowing with euphoria and was ready to end the somewhat abbreviated session. It was a rather abrupt but totally satisfying conclusion to an awesome series of Super-O's.

What do I take from these experiences? I think it really shows that every man responds differently to anal/prostate play. Calton and Nood have their best and most intense sessions after a long period of abstinence. I, on the other hand, become too physically and mentally agitated after a long period of abstinence to really enjoy the experience. I have my most rewarding sessions when I am completely relaxed both physically and emotionally. I also seem to benefit from vigorous physical exercise prior to a session. I guess this further aids in relaxing my body after I cool down and shower. Also, the length of a session is not as important for me as its intensity.

So, in conclusion, I think my experiences and those shared by my friends prove that we are all different and respond to different stimuli. What works well for one guy does not necessarily work for someone else. So for new guys reading our blogs, I would advise you to do what feels right for yourself, listen to the new sensations, and you will be rewarded on your journey.

Peace to all friends,


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the update. There were some pretty interesting observations. I found myself smiling and shaking my head thinking….no shit everyone is different! Keep up the good work, those of us who are not there yet have to have something to shoot for.

    I have come to think that when I get to your level of success, I will never leave the house. I know, just kidding.

    Take care of yourself.


  2. Hi Charlie,

    Welcome home…I had a very good journey with the Euphos myself last night. My session was short, but oh was it nice. I get these rock hard erections which are so nice and my dick stays hard throughout till ejaculation. I sometimes think the Euphos is in my shaft!! The sensations for me with the Euphos are so very different then with the MGX or Helix. The Euphos creates subtle gentle sensations, but which create major body shakes (quakes) and all the other marvelous feelings and sensations. I sometimes don't know it is even inside me. I have been having the best results while on my side with both legs stretched straight out.

    I totally agree that every guy has such different experiences, but all of us have the same results or conclusions. I mean that there are different ways to get a job done, but there are different ways to do the job right.(understand)?

    Charlie, What do you mean by looping your O's?

    I have also had the sessions where everything seemed to just quit, but the journey was a most satisfying one. I try not to think they were bad, but tell myself there was something that was not meant to be. The next session will most likely be a lot nicer and cancel out the not so good one.

    The Euphos is by far my favorite. It has helped me have terrific O's. Will be many more in the future. Peace,


  3. nood –
    Charlie is referring to a positive feedback loop that essentially is about the sensations from one mmo generating neural impulses (through the action I understand of neurotransmitters) that in turn feeds back into provoking another mmo. In simpler terms, the stimulation from having a great Super O sustains and enhances another. It acts like a kind of wave breaking on the shore. For a more cerebral description have a read of BF Mayfield's thread. The great thing in getting into the loop so to speak is that when you know you have hit it, it is very much like riding a wave as it has its own momentum. I don't advocate turning any of these (Aneros) sessions in to a performance-related issue but once you do experience it, the endorphins fairly fly! I occasionally adopt something that BFM suggested when you want to conclude one of these 'high end' sessions. I start to 'slam' anal sphincter contractions on top of everything that is happening. I do these very short but heavy contractions as a precursor to provoking an ejaculation. The precum literally begins to pour out; this in itself adds to the intensity of the sensations. I do this with testes/scrotum drawn back between tight thighs, penis free of legs, on my back with knees drawn up and supported underneath by pillows. (You do have to be relaxed and comfortable!) Its best 'hands free' – and with Eupho in place, generates a wonderfully hard erection and an amazingly sublime and profuse ejaculatory orgasm.
    Good runnings,

  4. nood –
    I meant to add a response to your positive comment about the Eupho. So glad you were able to make the move and experience the delights – that's great – and am happy that you are having such successes with it. 'She promises much and delivers more'!

  5. Thanks for the explanation Calton. I have experienced looping which is quite intensely gratifying. Having a few days in between the sessions really does help me with the whole experience. Will be nice to come home Sunday and continue the week-end with the ghostly Euphos. Have a good week-end and enjoy yourself…..Peace and happiness

  6. Hi guys,
    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. My last session was Wednesday evening and I am looking forward to an early Saturday morning session. Hopefully, a two and a half day rest should make for a very stimulating experience. I promise to let you know, whether special or ordinary. Till then, Peace to all,

  7. Hello Friends,

    A two and a half day respite seems to the perfect time for me.

    I woke up early with my Eupho waiting at my bedside. I got up, took a leak, crawled back into bed, lubed up, inserted the Eupho, and the tension built to an intense level. My penis throbbed. After 20 minutes, I decided to tease my penis and prostate so I stopped the session at this level, with the intention of returning later.

    I cooled down, dressed, ran a few errands, and a few hours later was ready to resume the session I had purposely ended. By this time, my body was shaking in anticipation of a repeat performance. What a performance it was! I lubed up, inserted the Eupho, and was well on my way to a Super-O Saturday.
    The intensity started at the point where I left off earlier. My cock grew stiff but I was able to control the body shakes this time. I concentrated the sexual tension in my groin and gut. I could feel my first Super-O rise out of my prostrate. My penis, asshole, and prostrate exploded with intense pleasure. My entire body felt like it was being pushed into the mattress by the pressure of this orgasm. I could hardly breath. What a whole body rush! I would not call it "out of body\", but it felt like my body could not contain the sexual energy which I had just generated. I was able to loop these orgasms for about an hour. I tried different positions on my back, side, stomach, and even sitting. What a terrific session! I ended the morning with a huge eruption of semen. I cannot believe the intensity continues to build! I had several "aftershocks" this afternoon.
    The Eupho is isimply incredible. Peace to all friends,

  8. Hello Friends,

    Last night's session was another journey into uncharted territory. It started out like a typical Eupho session (if there is such a thing!) I worked out, showered, prepped, and laid down on my back with my feet flat on the bed. The involuntaries started quickly, the endomorphins started to flow, but the tell tale sign of an impending orgasm ( a hard erection) did not appear.
    What did happen, however, was that the sexual tension began to build in ever more intense plateaus. I was able to become more aroused than ever before. After about 45 minutes, the tension was becoming a bit uncomfortable, but I realized that something different was happening and I decided to ride it out. My breathing became shallow and my heart raced as blood surged through my penis. I felt a ball of energy well up in my gut as I reached orgasm. I think I was approaching the altered state of consciousness described by others. It was such a rush. I had two more Super-Os before my muscles began to fatigue. (believe me, this was a full body experience) I finally gave up and stoked myself off with a heavy gush of semen.
    What a great experience. This journey was more intense and whole body than any other. I am so grateful that I have reached this plateau and the intense pleasures to be found in this state of arousal.
    Peace to all,

  9. charlie – nood

    Guys! – Good to hear of your recent (continuing) successes. Can I pose a question to you both? Which for you are the best sessions – the ones during the day or those last thing prior to sleep? I am coming to the conclusion that the ones that create the greatest intensity for me are the diurnal rather than the nocturnal. Somehow, I think that I can generate greater sexual tension – don't know why but on balance it works out that way. Clearly I may be just more tired in the late evening or early morning after the day has passed. Any thoughts?
    Stay good!


  10. Hey Calton,

    Haven't really thought about when I have the best sessions. I believe I have the best success when my body and mind have been awake for awhile, so I should say in late morning. I of course will now have to experiment to what times are the best. If I have to wait all day until I can participate, the urge to get there sometimes is too much. I do like it right before I go to bed, because the whole session has been like a really good sleeping pill. It makes my body feel really mellow and relaxed. This in turn makes me want to continue in the morning, to where I have had a joyous journey.

    Using a different stimulator in the morning or evening have any different affects on your sessions?

    It is the week-end tomorrow. Hurray! Will be letting you all know how much fun I have had. Talk to you all later. Peace,

  11. Hello Friends,
    In response to Calton's question, the answer is that generally my daytime sessions are more enjoyable than evening. The reason for that, I think, is that these sessions occur on weekends and days off when I am totally relaxed and have all the time I want to play. Don't get me wrong, I just had a tremendous session this past Wednesday, so I'm capable of generating sublime pleasures on weekdays after work.
    I have to agree with Nood, late mornings on weekends seem to be the best times. I have re-read some of my posts, and I do best after I build up the tension when I awake, and return later for more fun. And guess what, tomorrow is Saturday! Take care and peace to all friends,

  12. charlie –

    I have to agree with you there. Late mornings when I have a day of leisure seems to rock my boat. I guess my mind and body is more susceptible to the sensations and I sense that I have a greater 'rush' – (both meanings)!
    Have a great morning – all!

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