Yesterday's Super O's

Yesterday I had a wonderful session which I had planned for several days. I went four days without an orgasm and did a variety of pelvic exercises when I was driving, in the shop, etc. As I started my prep for my session I had considerable sensitivity in my genital region and my nipples were very sensitive.

I made sure that I would be undisturbed for a couple of hours and made my preliminary prep. I got my bed covered with towels, my tissues ready and my three lubricants preped including loading my syringe.

Next I retired to the living room and popped in my favorite xxx video. Since I am bisexual I enjoy all manner of xxx videos, but I chose a self made compilation of gay orgasms. I have over four hours of great looking guys just as they finish their sessions, so there was semen everywhere.

When I didn't think I could stand not having an orgasm any longer I went to the bathroom and did a Fleet enema, followed by a long, slow sensuous shower. I have a shower head on a flexible hose so I can direct the stream on my anus and scrotum. I then washed my Helix and warmed it up with the hot shower water. When it was nice and warm I coated it with petroleum jelly and spend considerable time inserting it. Hummmm. I then left it in place as I dried myself. As I was drying I had some great involuntary spasms and even started to shake with pleasure.

I next lay on the bed, removed the Helix and injected my Vagisil lube, added some petroleum jelly and gel lube to my Helix and thoroughly coated my anus and as high inside as I could reach. I inserted the Helix and lay on my right side relaxing. Almost immediately I felt a sharp muscle cramp with which I am very familiar. I have long suffered from muscle pain the my rectal area and, while it has diminished considerably since I've been using my Helix, it kicked in suddenly.

I thought my session was going to end in failure, but I removed the Helix and did a series of biofeedback exercises that I have used successfully in the past and in about 5 minutes the pain subsided to nothing, leaving my very sexually charged.

I then lay on my side and within minutes was in the throes of a Super O. Panting, knees pulling into my chest (involuntarily), my body bucking and shaking. I let that one pass and did another.

Since I have become a fan of I decided to take a few pictures with my digital so I could submit them for positing. I had some fun positioning myself and camera and finally got four photos that captured what I wanted to show (the Helix inserted and the fluid leakage on my penis).

By this point I was so sexually charged that I felt helpless to prevent a wet orgasm. I decided I would have one more Super O before I ended the session – which by then was over an hours. I was laying on my back with my feel aganist the wall, which permits the Helix to move about. I was in the grip of a Super O that lasted several minutes. It continued to increase in intensity and I was quite powerless over it. My abdominal muscles were tensed, I was barely able to pant with the smallest breaths, and my entire body was trembling. When I came out of it I was flushed, panting and weak – and smiling!

I didn't feel able to have another dry orgasm again so I reached for my lube and started to masturbate. Within 15 seconds an orgasm began building. With the Helix still in play I was having involuntary muscle contractions with brought the Helix up aganist my prostate. Before I even got an erection my ejaculation started and the force of it caused my legs to straighten out (remember I had my feet on the wall) and I pushed my self out flat on the bed.

I lay there wet, exhausted, and delighted. It took me over 15 minutes to get enough strength to get up and do my cleanup. The power of the session lasted well into the evening and my skin continued to tingle for several hours.

I am ceratinly one of the lucky ones in that my Super O's came pretty easy. For those of you still looking, keep up the good work.


  1. Hello Kevin,

    Just a thought about using the Euphos. I myself have the Helix and MGX, and purchased the Euphos recently. The Helix and MGX give me really nice super O's, but the Euphos has given me the most sexually satifying gratification ever!! The Euphos helps me produce super intense journeys. It's quite intense, but the intensity is so rewarding you never will want to stop. Sounds like you are having good results with your journeys and I do think you would enjoy the Euphos. Keep us informed with your results. Take care,


  2. Hello Kevin,
    Welcome to the Blogs! I have been following your posts on the forum and you certainly have progressed rapidly.
    Your lube routine was very interesting to me. It really seems to work for you.
    I agree with Nood that you ought to try out the Eupho. The involuntaries begin quickly, the intensity is more focused in the genitals, and the Super-O's are simply incredible. The Eupho really makes my penis throb in ways the MGX cannot. Just an out-of-this world experience.

  3. Well, to be fair I need to report negative news too. Those of you who read my last post know that I had a really good session. My session was on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning I was not feeling myself. I thought I might be getting the flu (and might have been). I was feeling washed out and had just a little nausea.

    By the early evening my symptoms had worsened. I began having severe cramps in my lower intestines which were very much like those I get when I eat eggs (I am allergic to them). I was in severe pain for over 4 hours before the pain subsided.

    I had similar symptoms during a previous Aneros session though with much less severe symptoms.

    I discussed the problem with my doctor today (leaving out the Aneros session – so he could guess without full information) and he suggested that I might have had an infection that "passed through" the bowel.

    So I am going to lay off the Aneros for a while, until my symptoms completely disappear – it is Wednesday and I still have some lingering discomfort.

    I am not suggesting the Aneros session caused the attack, but I did nothing else out of the ordinary. Has anyone else experience a similar problem with stomach/intestinal cramping following a session?

  4. Hi Kevin,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems. I would lay low for a while as well. What I have experienced is at different times getting some shooting pains down there. They seem at times to be centered at or around my prostate area. I assume that I just went at it too aggressively the day before. I am sure it is just a touch of something and not anything associated with your buddy.

    Take care of youself,


  5. My wife reported similar symptoms yesterday and I'm sure she has not found my Helix (smile). Guess it is just something that is passing through.

  6. Kevin,

    That is great news! I will bet it is a load off of your mind.


  7. WOW, a super o without the Aneros!! Yesterday afternoon I was feeling tired after a long weekend and decided to lay down for a nap. I should point out that I had not had an orgasm for about 6 days because I had not been feeling very well and just didn't feel up to it.

    As I lay there all warm and comfortable I started to fantasize about sex. I was getting pretty turned on, but since my wife was home I could not masturbate. I started to gently work the muscles that I use when I have my Aneros Helix inserted. Within a minute I started to experience the now familiar sensations of a build up to a super O. I rode the wave of pleasure to the crest and ended up panting – hoping my wife would not happen to pop into the room. After a few minutes recovery I began the process again and enjoyed a second Super O of even greater intensity, again, without the Aneros inserted. It was great.

    I did miss my Helix as the added pleasure I get from contact with my prostate does add to the over all sexual experience, but I was delighted to discover that I am capable of having a Super O without any equipment.

    What a great world this is!!

  8. I've been sick with the flu for over a week now and have not felt like playing with my Helix. Can't wait to get back to it.

  9. Well I still don't feel all that great and my wife has been traveling a lot less the past few weeks. I've not had the opportunity to enjoy a long relaxing session and I really miss it. I've read some great new techniques (breathing and relaxing) that I am anxious to incorporate in to a session. Soon I HOPE!

  10. Well I am back in good health and enjoying my Helix again. I had a really nice session the other night which included a few new ideas.

    Normally I take my nice hot relaxing shower with lots of time to relax. I then usually watch xxx videos for at least a half hour to get warmed up and then retire to my bed for my Aneros play.

    The other night I did the shower with lots of stimulation during the shower with my flexible shower hose. I also inserted my Helix before I started my shower so I had the wonderful stimulation while playing with the water.

    Since I was alone I decided to watch my xxx videos DURING my Aneros play. I have a nice leather sofa in the living room with some big pillows on it so I was able to prop myself up half on my side and half on my back. This left the Helix free to move in and out. I am very fortunate to be able to get to Super O's pretty quickly, but with the added stimulation of real time porn I was deep in pleasure very quickly. I was soon moaning and whimpering with pleasure and my penis was covered with precum (which I enjoy tasting liberally).

    My only challenge was keeping my eyes open to watch the video. As the orgasm washed over me I would close my eyes and ride the wave, but as soon as I came through it I was greated with the spectacle of two (or three) beautiful people enjoying hot sex and off I'd go again. Wow, writing this make me want to run back in and start it again, but my wife is not aware of my Aneros fun and might be a little taken aback.

    I'd encourage anyone who has access to a tv and video player to add this process to a play session and see if you have the same great pleasure I did. Good luck!

  11. Thanks, Kevin, for all your info.

    But I don't understand this that you refer to.

    I went there, and it seems to be nothing but ads.

    What's the story?

  12. The weblink is a spyware site and will try to get information from your computer.

  13. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm, another great session. I can't believe it has been so long since my last post, but then I only had one opportunity for a session until tonight. Having a wife who does not work outside the home really puts a crimp in my Aneros sessions.

    Tonight I was alone so I put on a good porn CD and watched it while I ate dinner. Nice and relaxed and really in the mood after 45 minutes of good visual sex. I did all my prep for the Aneros and settled down on the couch for a session. I should note that because I am so responsive to my Aneros I only need to use petroleum jelly so I don't need any other lube.

    So I insert my Helix and within 30 seconds I am clutching up, panting and quivering. Since I lay on my side to allow the Helix to move freely not much is required to draw me up into the fetal position during my Super O's. I had several more very strong responses and then, during a particularly strong Super my body wanted to eject the Helix. I reach down and just held in in place with my left hand. Yet another surprise! As my abs pushed down on the Helix it seemed to press strongly in to my prostate. It REALLY milked it and the fluid dripped from my penis and left long strings as the drops fell. Then, after the strong downward pressure, my body started drawing the Helix back up and I got a second wave of plesure as the Helix worked upward on my prostate. Wow.

    I was able to play for about 40 minutes before I was so exhausted I needed to back off. I lubed up my penis and in about 3 minutes I brought myself to a very gentle, but satisfying wet orgasm. Boy the the fluid flow. Far more than I usually ejaculate and it was more liquid.

    So another great session goes into the Super O book. My body is sooo relaxed and I am still quivering inside. I love my Helix!


  14. Hi Kevin,

    Nice to hear from you again. Always good to hear that others are doing well. I was struck with a thought as I read your post. I have been getting the ability to really milk that little dude myself. I took alot of time but it is certainly different from the beginning of this journey.

    Good luck to you.


  15. Wanted to share my latest super O quicky. I was getting super horny and really need an orgasm. However, my wife was home and I could not schedule my regular wonderful super O time out. Well, I'd read here on Aneros that some guy actually insert their Aneros and walk around with it. So I thought I'd give it a try. When wife went to the store I lubed up and inserted my Helix. I was working in the shop and shortly after inserting it I started to shake and hip thrust so hard I had to lean on my workbench to support myself from falling.

    I allowed the sensation to pass but immediately developed a full blown erection – which I tried to ignore. As I went about the shop my involuntary anal contractions would start followed by the shaking and hip thrusting all over again. Each time it got stronger until I realized I was not going to be able to stand up much longer, bench or no bench.

    So I popped out my erection and lubed up a latex glove and, during a particularly strong series of contractions I brought myself to orgasm stroking penis with the slipper glove. Well, when I had my orgasm I almost fell on the floor!

    Although I enjoyed my session, trying to stand up and function when an Aneros is in place is NOT a good idea as it detracts from the pleasure. Too much effort is expended just trying to stand up and there is no way I could concentrate on ANYTHING other than my physical sensations.

    BUT, I have to say I was very mellow afterward and my wife was pleased to find me very relaxed that evening.


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