Prostate milking?

After almost 2 weeks since any sexual activity of any sort, I finally had the time for another session tonight. I took my time, had a few beers, relaxed, watched a favourite movie etc.

For the first time, there was no feeling of need to defacate, so I think my body must be getting used to this, and I was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum throughout the session. I did the usual contractions, and breathing while playing with myself, being careful not to play too much.

Then, after 20 minutes or so, a feeling started somewhere other than my penis, it's hard to define where (sorry, I know this doesn't make sense). It felt like a mini orgasm, not as strong as a traditional orgasm, but very pleasurable. This lasted for a couple of minutes and white, milky fluid, more runny than cum oozed out of my penis. SO the question is … did I milk my prostate tonight, as I've read so much about?

There was definitely no 'super O' as not long after that full of the feeling of success, I relaxed and masturbated to completion, having a fantastic orgasm, with much more cum and a stronger ejaculation. It was like a real pornstar cum!

Feels like I'm making real progress, if I can just control myself!

Love, peace and good happiness stuff


  1. lotus feet –

    It sounds as though you have indeed been 'expressing' your prostate at some level. Due to your prolonged abstinence your prostate will have been pretty full and your seminal vessicles also. It may be that you provoked a mini mmo that caused the discharge you describe plus Cowper's fluid (as pre-cum – it is also a component of ejaculate). As you had not generated a complete orgasm/ejaculation/emission you were then able to complete this under the intensity of you masturbation – all due to your abstinence. Clearly, some of this is speculative as I wasn't there but I have experienced similar situations in the past, myself! Others may throw further light on this – but it is all good for generating the pleasure you describe.
    There is another observation that I can make. Generally, (and as you may be already aware) direct prostate massage stimulation to orgasm will not generate the same kind of spurting ejaculation that you would experience following (conventional) penile masturbation or indeed intercourse. The ejaculation has a more 'flowing', pumping characteristic to it on orgasm.
    Interestingly, (if you are still there!), I find that with the majority of masturbatory orgasms following on Aneros sessions and with the device still in place, the ejaculate 'flies' out – as you would hope!


  2. Hi Calton,

    Thanks for your response and information, it's good to know I'm not the only guy on this amazing journey.

    It seems to me that every session is part of the learning curve and as with all such experiences, for every two steps forward, you can take one step back. They key is to keep taking steps, experimenting and most of all enjoy the ride.

    love, peace and good happiness stuff

  3. I have also had a significant increase in the volume of "pre-cum" using the Aneros. Last night it felt and looked like an ejaculation, given the volume and intensity, although it did not spurt and my penis was not hard……yet. I was also able to have a strong orgasm follwing what I now assume was "pre-cum" and then full maturbation and ejaculation.

    Has anyone else had the same sensation / occurance?

    P.S. Wearing a cock ring and ball stretcher certainaly adds to the sensation!

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