Giving up ejaculation pleasure to try for the Super O.

Hello Everyone.

First time on here – been using my g-spot massager for about a month now, with 3 sessions under my belt.

However, having arrived on this forum and read about some of the techniques, I realise that I have been using my massager wrongly. I've been using it more as a dildo, getting it to thrust/rub against my prostate in a kind of "being f*cked" movement.

Whilst the experience has been very rewarding, and leads to penis orgasm with ejaculation, it ultimately doesn't lead me to an anal or prostate orgasm.

So, that's the setup, and I tried in this new session to work some of the techniques I read in here (twitching the anus, holding in the massager halfway etc). Not very successful, I'm afraid. Some nice feelings with the twitch technique but nothing like what I was getting before.

However, I am going to persevere! I want to achieve something like the anal and prostate orgasms you guys are starting to have.

All advice welcome.
All technique suggestions considered.

Session #2 will commence later this evening.

Happy Easter,

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  1. Welcome Hedgehog,

    I am sure you will find this interesting. I know I have. Good luck and keep us posted.


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