I guess I am a 59yr old Nubbie. I Need help!!. I have been reading all of your experiances with no sucess yet. I used to be very sexually active until a few yrs ago. I Have enjoyed anal stimulation for many yrs. whenever my wife will do me. She is not into it for herself. I have been taking anti-depression drugs for about six years which I am aware that they are an direct corelation. Beleive me the trade off is worth it.
I purchased the MGX about 3 months ago without coming close to the "Big O". I have tried differant relaxing methods I have read in this forum. I have tried not to be too angious. I also tried the slight contractions as well as just letting it do it's on thing. Although it feels very comfortable and I enjoy using it. Reading these resent entries about using the Eupho. Do any of you think switching from MGX or are there other suggestions any of you might have for me.
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