need advise

Hello I just ordered my new aneros and cant wait to try it. Are there any groups out there to join for information and pictures? I will keep you informed of my experiences. My concern is that i will cum to quickly. I get hard when i think of using the aneros. should i cum before i use it?


  1. Hi Jason,

    You are about to embark on quite a journey. I would think that you have read enough in the forum and blogs about that there is no one way to do this. My guess is that you will be going into your sessions at all different levels of excitement. You will probably get into a routine that works for you that might be nothing like what you expect. Be open to all of it. The whole process requires you to get much more in tune with you and your body. I know you dont want to hear it, but take your time and try to have some fun. Dont rush it.

    Here's to your Journey,


  2. hi buster,
    thanks for the advise. i look forward to the journey. i want to be totally open to this new experience and will let you know how it goes. maybe i will take a picture if when i have my first super O

  3. Hello Jason,

    I second Buster's advice. Start your journey with an open mind. Don't expect too much the first few times, but be willing and open to enjoy what you experience. Also, do not be startled by what your body and mind may encounter. You will definitely undergo a period (or two or three) of what is described as "rewiring" as your body adjusts to prostate/anal pleasure. You will reach certain plateaus before progressing toward new heights.

    In a nutshell, have fun, ride each new wave, and savor each new feeling. Peace and good luck,


  4. Hi Charlie
    thanks for the incoragement, i think im going to need it. i cant wait till the first time i insert it into my waiting ass. all i have had in there before has been my fingers. i tried the base of a candle when i was younger and that felt good. i also bought the lubricant applicator. do you think its important to use that? i know i will get an immediate hardon. i hope i can last until i feel the contractions against my prostrate.

  5. Hi Jason- I too am a new user and would like to learn and see as much as I can about the prostate stimulator. When I find good sources, I will do my best to let you know, particularly pics or videos. Good luck with your first experience. I will share mine with you hopefully very soon!
    Ray [email protected]

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