Some Progress

The Aneros is amazing. Every session gives sensations and experiences which are different from the last. This was a particularly long session for me, largely because after about two hours, something seriously important happened which made me want to go on for a lot longer.

My last session was frustrating, so I started this one slowly and with low expectations. My preferred position is becoming one in which I kneel on the bed with my head on the mattress and some pillows between my knees and my torso. The fact that this is comfortable for me is important, as I realized last night. This is because when you're starting out, you need to be able to think to yourself – "this is quite nice, I could carry on like this for hours". I don't think, therefore, that uncomfortable positions or tiring positions or exercizes are good ideas – you need to prepare yourself for potential longevity.

So, I spent quite a while just enjoying some gentle, delicate contractions. Then the usual experiements ensued – letting them get harder, deeper, trying to 'let go'. And, as usual, they didn't do much. So I redisciplined myself and went back to low level.

One of the technical things I've noticed recently is that when I contract my sphincter muscle, my PC muscles (the ones related to urination and ejaculation) followed. But this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. In fact, the feel of the contraction if both are in action at the same time is rather a clunky one, and yields little in the way of pleasurable sensation – no matter how hard or fast they're going. By contrast, if the PC muscles are held (just gently) then the anal contractions assume a more gentle, circular action. And, more imporantly, there is smore of a sliding sensation inside. My guess is (and this is just a guess) that if both sets of muscles are working in tandem, then the G-spot moves with the Aneros or isn't pushed close enough to have significant contact. But if you are in control of them individually, it's a different story. I found that if I held my PC muscles and just let the anal muscles do their stuff (gently still) that there was much better and more prolongued contact with the prostate. I could feel gliding instead of prodding which was REALLY good. I tried to cultivate this and for a minute or two things were great.

Then it subsided a bit. I went on for another couple of hours but didn't quite get it back, probably because I was tired something. This doesn't bother me too much as I think I've worked out why things happened, and that next time I'll know to recreate the feeling and go one more step.

I love this thing!

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  1. Hi Puck,

    It is pretty amazing how things can change with time. I have gotten to the point that my sessions only last between 45 minutes and an hour because I can get things moving pretty quick. I am sure that you are on your way to the same thing. Keep experimenting because you may find that your ideal position may be one that is unique to other users. My best position is laying flat on my stomach. I feel fortunate because it is pretty easy to stay there for a while. It sounds as though you are having some fun. Stay with it and keep us up on what is happening.

    Take care of yourself,


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