baby steps

I got the Helix Holiday pack yesterday and tried out the MGX with only a brief glimmer of a pleasant sensation from a part of my body I'd not felt that sensation from before….

But today I tried out the Helix. Gave myself a cleanout followed by a nice warm shower. After watching a little porn, retired to my bedroom and pushed in the Helix. I lay down on my back, with my knees in the air. I concentrated on my breathing and contracting my muscles in rhythm. I did this for a while and then I got a taste of something good. I clenched the Helix in tight and then it happened….

The involuntary contractions kicked in! I could feel it rocking back and forth without my intervention – things were building up inside of me, my hips started to buck, and started to pant – but I could not hold the "clench" for long enough, when I released it, I lost momentum.

I tried again to find that break-point where the "involuntaries" would start again, but could only find it one more time before I ended my session – not before I had to re-lube the Helix. Same as before, I could only hold it for a little while.

I think I will need to slowly build up the stamina down there – but I am happy with my progress so far – baby steps before I can run with this thing!



  1. Hi Sexexplorer,

    It's all in the muscles. Your muscles will strengthen in coming months. You will notice quite the difference in a few weeks and months. From experience I would start out concentrating with all the different feelings and sensations before running for the Super O. There are many new feelings and stimulations to understand and enjoy. For the most part I do believe that most men do start out trying for the Super O, but fail and then become dissapointed. You will not be doing "baby steps" for long. In 6 months you will be amazed at how awesome it is. Try new things all the time and you will enjoy. Take care and Peace, Nood

  2. Dear Sexexplorer,

    Nood is 100% right. Once those muscles get some more strength, you will be able to have sessions last quite some time. It may sound corny, but try to do those Kegle exercises while you are doing other things and it will speed up the process for you I will think.

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Thanks for the tips and encouragements!

    I will start doing some Kegel Exercises daily, and put more effort into
    taking in all the senses of the Aneros moving inside of me. I just tingle all over when I think about those involuntary contractions and I am eager to try to repeat those sensations!

    Strangely, I feel a little sore – not where the perineum tab rested… but where the handle rested!

    Should I leave it a day or two before trying again?

  4. Hi Sexplorer,

    If you are referring to the curly handle, I have cut those off of all of my models but one. I found that it let the Aneros move more freely. But, if you dont want to do that, then I would suggest you giving it a day or so. I know it is hard to do once you start seeing progress, but I think that your body will respond better in a day or so. If you have a session where something is uncomfortable, you might spend too much thought on it and not enough thought on what is happening on the "business" end of things.

    Good luck,


  5. Don't try TOO hard, or you'll heap pressure on yourself and risk disappointment. It'll get much better after a few months. My main advice is to not worry about 'clenching' and 'stamina' too much. The whole experience is useless if it feels forced. You've got to be able to feel that you're not exerting yourself too much, and could carry on for hours if you wanted to. Just keep it gentle and experimentative – because it's fun!

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