The White Rising

I've recently got some Qi Gong exercise DVDs in the aim of improving
my relaxation, flexibility, breathing, and general health as well. I didn't expect to see positive effects so quickly after my first session with these gentle exercises – especially when I started my next "investigation" with my Helix.

I didn't force any movements this time, and spent time slowly moving the helix inside of me, slowly letting it feel around, relaxing, and not concentrating on anything but the sensations within me…. after 45 minutes – PAYDIRT. I felt a sudden change in my aura, as it went from a dull dark pink, to a dazzling white. The sensations rose within me, starting from my lower belly, and washing up through me, tingling as it went. My manhood arose to the occasion as well, as it engorged itself quickly with this new excitement. It wasn't as powerful as an ejaculative orgasm, but it felt superior to it, even though it wasn't as strong. It only lasted for about 90 seconds… but it has left me hungry for more!

Though it didn't last long, I know I'm on the right track now – On the way to programming my mind to explore this strange, wonderful, new territory.


  1. Greetings Sexplorer,
    Congratulations on your successful passage. It only gets better from there! Keep us informed as you explore the boundaries of male sexuality. Take care,

  2. Ninety seconds is a huge start! You will parlay that into a longer duration before you know it. You will probably get to the level where you will have a Mini O that will last up to an hour with Super O's mixed all through it. Keep at it.


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