My first Super 'O'

Well if that wasn't it, then I don't really care what is. After about 6 months of trying I think I've managed it, because that was JUST brilliant.

I gave myself all day, had a shower, watched some porn: the usuals. The first couple of hours were pleasurable enough, but I wasn't breaking any new ground so I had a break.

I then re-lubed and set off again. Soon I felt it really moving inside me, and I forced myself to do something quite difficult – let go. I've often seen people on this forum mention this, and I think it's a little misleading, because to get to the point where you need to 'let go' requires some subtle control, as I've written about before. But once you feel you're in the zone, the 'subtle control' goes out the window. I forced myself to just go limp. It went bezerk. I could feel it thrusting of its own volition inside me, and this time, maybe because of the previous work I'd done, I found it hitting the spot every time – you know – THAT spot. I started breathing quickly, and groaning, and it would come in sort of spasms, rising and falling, grinding against my prostate. Every stroke was bliss. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then I let it subside and just lay there, feeling my prostate glowing. I'm still a little shivery from the feeling – I know what people mean when they say they feel 'energized' after it. I just feel so good!


  1. Hi Puck,

    Congratulations! It took me some time to get there as well. It is all downhill from here. You are in for quite a ride. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress.


  2. Congratulations Puck!
    It all seems so simple once you achieve your first Super-O, but it sure can take time to get there. I think it is very difficult to explain the concept of letting go, but I think you did a good job. Take care, it only gets better.Good luck,

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