Can't wait!!!

Hi, I'm Shaun, 18 years old from UK.

Just ordered the Aneros MGX last night and eagerly awaiting its arrival! I have known about the aneros products for a few years now and decided to take the plunge.
I have done a bit of anal play before and always responded well to it so I'm hoping this will be the same.
Just looking at the pictures of the aneros and reading the testimonials and other peoples' blogs makes me tingle all over with pleasure and anticipation! I am prepared to take my time and enjoy all the subtle feelings that everyone describes.
Haven't had an orgasm in a few days now! Thats a long time for an 18 year old! I'm waiting until it arrives and I can have my first session.

Watch this space, I'll keep you posted! I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my journey; I'll certainly enjoy the journey and writing about it!


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  1. ARGH!!!
    I would have had a beautiful aneros delivered today but I sent it to my home address for some reason?!?! (I live at uni)
    Rang home today and they said I had a parcel. I sheepishly asked if they opened it, they said no (phew!). They said they would forward it on through the post. Hope it's here for the weekend!

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