It arrived!
I picked it up from the post room and nearly ran back to my room to open it. I carefully opened the box and removed the aneros. I just looked at it and thought it's a thing of beauty. I had to try it!
I prepped myself, locked my door and began.

I love the way it slid in so easily, especially the last part! I felt a little uncomfortable at first so took my time to get used to it. After about 5 or 10 minutes it felt really quite natural so I tried some contractions. At first, I was using my PC muscles and it kept poking my perineum, which wasn't a particularly nice feeling, but after a while I learned to isolate the right muscles to use and got some really quite pleasurable sensations and I started to leak a bit of precum from my flaccid penis. I kept at it, trying to hold it at just less than half way every now and then, I could feel something building inside.

Suddenly…BANG BANG BANG!…someone knocked on my door! I knew it was locked so I was safe, I just ignored it, carried on my contractions and hoped they'd go away, they did.
'Phew!' I thought to myself, my heart was racing, 'must just be because they made me jump, just a bit of an adrenaline rush.'
It was no adrenaline rush! As if from nowhere, I started to pant, I could hear my heart in my head. That slight tingling from my prostate-perineum (I'm not sure where it was from!) suddenly exploded! I felt it all over my body, every hair stood on end, every muscle spasming, my originally soft cock now became instantly erect (as hard as it gets when I'm just about to ejaculate); it was like some energy just washing over me! I didn't want it to stop but I wasn't doing anything to keep it going so I don't think I could have stopped it! I don't know how long it lasted, it felt like a decade passed but I think it was only about 30 seconds. As soon as it ended, I gently contracted again and the feeling was back straight away and I was riding another wave, not quite as big this time but still definately there! That lasted about 10 or 20 seconds.

I lay and rested for a bit, about 10 or 15 minutes passed and I decided to have another go, it's addictive stuff! I couldn't quite get another one as big as before but I managed a small one and then decided I'd best finish for now. Taking it out was a task, my ass just didn't want to let go! I don't blame it though!

That was my first time using aneros and I don't think it could have gone much better!

The observant among you may notice that I haven't used the word orgasm through this entire entry. What I experienced was awesome and definately orgasmic but I don't think I've unlocked a Super O just yet. To be honest, I wouldn't be bothered if I never reached a Super O if I can do what I did today again!

Might have another session tonight! I'm hooked!

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  1. Hi Shaun,

    It sounds to me that what you experienced was pretty intense for your first time out. I did drop you a quick email with some additional thoughts.

    Have fun.


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