Initial Sessions

Hi All,

I've been an Aneros user for several months now. I bought the Helix and Eupho package back in early July 2006. Since I've been using them for several months now, I thought I'd record what I've been experiencing – before I forget it all! Hopefully, it will be good for me as a review and also help others. This is a bit long, but I have a lot to say.

I'll give some background to start off with as well as my early experiences. New experiences seem to be coming at a slower pace now, so I imagine that my posts will not be very frequent once I get these initial catch-up posts out of the way. But, I will try to keep it up to date. Admittedly, if nothing new happens to me then there won't be much reason to post!

I'm single, straight, and in my early 40's. I've experimented with anal play and prostate massage on rare occasions in the past, mostly with small slender objects around the house or my fingers, but it never really did enough for me that I wanted to keep doing it. After checking around on some internet sites about masturbation (seeing if I could teach this somewhat old dog some new tricks!), I found where some of them described how great prostate massage could be for masturbation. So, that led me here, and boy I'm glad it did!

Early Experiences

Session Frequency
I followed the instructions and limited my sessions to 30 minutes about 3 – 4 times a week. Work also determined whether I was able to have a session or not. Gradually, I expanded that time to an hour, then two hours, and then occasionally overnight. I didn't sleep well with it in me overnight, so I abandoned that quickly.

I bought one of those anal rinse bulbs that you can get at the drugstore. I tried using it before every session, but I started getting sore when inserting it and also when squeezing the bulb. Perhaps I was applying too much pressure. But, I tried to be as gentle as possible yet get the job done. Usually one rinse would suffice, but sometimes I'd need to rinse a second time. If two rinses didn’t get me clean, then I'd skip the session for the night. I tried a third rinse once or twice, but I was sore during the session or the next day so I don't go that far anymore. It wasn't worth it to try and have a session at all costs. Sometimes, the rinse would cause my system to start a movement, so that would be another reason to skip the session. My diet is pretty variable, so I never know if I'll be able to get past that part of the process.

Initial Sessions
I bought the lube syringe as part of my purchase. After reading the instructions, I added about 3ml of a water based lube; I'm not sure which one. I then spread a dab of the lube on my anus and on the syringe and then I pre-lubed. Next I lubed up the Helix and inserted it. It basically did exactly what the instructions said it would do. After being inserted halfway in, my body sucked up the rest of it. The Aneros felt very smooth and I could feel the pressure that it was exerting. I was on my way! After relaxing for about 10-15 minutes and waiting for my body to get used to it, I started the contractions. The contractions part of the session lasted about 30 minutes. I didn't feel much of anything in the way of pleasure though. From what I had been reading in the forums, I knew that this was to be expected and that this would be a long journey.

I remember that the perineum tab hurt when it dug into my perineum. And that was before any contractions! But it wasn't painful enough for me to stop and I figured it would go away in time. I think I had also read some forum posts that said the same thing. I practiced the breathing and relaxation techniques as described in the instructions, but again, by reading the forum and lots of B Mayfield's posts, I realized that they were just guidelines. I started establishing my own routine, which was basically to skip the synchronized breathing techniques at the beginning and just relax for a minute or two before using gentle contractions throughout the session. I did experiment with strong contractions, but it didn't seem to do much for me other than cause the tab to hurt even more and based on what I had been reading on the forum, that was not the way to go.

My penis was always soft during the sessions and dry as a bone. I never leaked any precum. On the few overnight sessions I had, I would wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes it would be hard, sometimes not. But, it wasn't anything different than what I had felt before without the Aneros.

I did feel the Helix massaging me on the inside, but I couldn't tell if it was hitting the prostate. If it was, it was very subtle. After several sessions, when the perineum tab stopped bothering me, I could feel the Helix sliding over the prostate during the contractions. It was somewhat pleasurable, but nothing that really got me sexually charged. It was nice though in that I was able to massage my prostate hands free!

I don't think I've ever experienced the involuntaries as is described in the instruction guide. If I held the contraction for a long time, my anus didn't start quivering. It was a more of a matter of not being able to hold the contraction at all. After a while, I was able to hold a contraction and feel an involuntary contraction or two, but that wasn't quivering. To me, quivering is a fast and light flutter, almost like trembling. Anyway, the involuntary contractions were pleasurable and sometimes they seemed to move further inside me so that my pc muscles would contract a few times as well. It was then pretty easy to keep these involuntaries going for a while just by doing a contraction and holding it for a second or two. Further down the road, I was able to get into a state where if I tried to stop the anal contractions, they would start right back up again along with the one or two involuntary contractions for each anal contraction. What was really exciting to experience was how just a few anal contractions could cascade into several pc contractions.

Body Contractions (Shaking)
For several weeks about 3-4 times a week, I'd have my Aneros sessions and did not really feel much of anything, other than a brief involuntary anal contraction or two and the massaging of the prostate. I tried different positions and contractions, all to no avail. I wasn't worried. I was just going along for the ride and figured when my body was ready, it would let me know. One night, I remember I was lying on my left side and dosing off when BAM!, I felt a strong contraction in my pelvic area. It just happened once and since I had been dosing off, I really wasn't sure what it was, what caused it, or if it was going to happen again. This had been a two hour session, so I called it a night.

Things really got interesting during the next session. I was lying on my right side with both knees slightly bent when I felt my left chest muscle start to twitch as if I was flexing it, only this wasn't me doing it. I started to feel this growing sensation in my groin along the perineum. My body then started contracting, sporadically at first, then getting quicker and quicker. I just smiled and rode with it thinking "Ah Hah! This is what those body contractions that I've been reading about feel like". The contractions were centered around my pelvic area. I had them for a brief while, about a minute or two, then they stopped and I decided to end the session. This was at the two hour mark which was my self-imposed session limit.

On the next session, the contractions hit me at the 1 hour mark and on the session after that at the 30 minute mark. It was weird how they started happening in one half the time of the previous session. On subsequent sessions, I started getting them at about the 10-15 minute mark.

The contractions were highly variable. Sometimes they were very fast. Other times they were fast with some slow ones mixed in or vice-versa. Sometimes the contractions would start out slow and weak where only my pelvis was contracting, and then it would grow and grow until my whole body was shaking and then it would gradually slow down again to a stop. Even the duration was variable, but they usually lasted no more than a few minutes.

Other than feeling the Aneros pound into me and that heightened and charged feeling in my perineum, the contractions themselves didn't feel all that sexual. It was certainly new and exciting, but still not quite sexual. Perhaps this was a different kind of sexual feeling that I didn't even know existed.

I'm a side sleeper, so I feel most comfortable on either my left side or my right side. I've tried curling myself into the fetal position, but that gets uncomfortable rather quickly. I also tried being on my back with a pillow under me but I didn't seem to be able to contract my anus as much and feel the results of those contractions as when I was on my side. Plus, with my cheeks somewhat more open, the lube started getting cold! I also tried on my stomach, on all fours, and being on my knees on the floor with my upper torso resting on the bed. All in all, the right side position worked best for me.

I don't remember the first lube I used; it was probably ID Glide or Astroglide. I've also tried silicone lubes, Vaseline, and masturbation creams. The one I like the best is Maximus. B Mayfield is right, nothing is slicker than a water based lube and Maximus is thick and long lasting, especially when you are on your side and your anus is not as exposed to air as it can be in other positions.

I remember reading the forums and the online guide about how traditional ejaculations were stronger and had more volume with the Aneros than without. I was also thrilled to hear about the possibility of a hands free ejaculation. Since my penis was always soft during my sessions, the only way I was going to get hard was through masturbation. Unfortunately, I wasn't seeing anyone so I couldn't experience the Aneros with intercourse. I must say that I was less than thrilled with having an erection with the Aneros in me. I felt a numbness on the sides of my penis that was a bit unnerving and not much of a turn on. However, I knew that this was one of those "things to expect" when using the Aneros. It also took me quite a while to get erect. I guess I wasn't used to the sensation of anything being up my anus while being erect. Two competing sensations if you will. So, my first few attempts at a traditional masturbation session with the Aneros proved fruitless, I just couldn't get going with the numbness and the feeling of the Aneros in me. After trying a few more times on other days, I was finally able to ejaculate, but it wasn't anything spectacular. Certainly different, and that's good, but not spectacular. Perhaps my expectations were set too high.

I purchased the KSMO seminar about 2 months after getting the Aneros. I had read in the forums (I read those a lot, can you tell? They're invaluable!) about how it may speed things along. Sometimes I practiced on the same night as an Aneros night, usually before my Aneros session, but I found that I was just going through the motions of KSMO so I could have my Aneros session. After reading some posts on that forum, I discovered it would be better to have these sessions on different nights. I've been experiencing the same effects as with the Aneros; the growing sensation in the perineum and the body contractions, but without all the prep work and cleanup. Still, I really do enjoy the physical feeling of the Aneros being inside me. It's something that KSMO will never be able to produce. So, I view KSMO as another toolkit in my pursuit of the Super O.

Well, that's about it for now. If you've stayed around long enough to read all of this, I thank you. Please feel free to add comments, suggestions, and tips. I'll try to post again soon to get me closer in time to where I'm at now.



  1. Hi Onthepath,

    Wow, I think that this posting is about as thorough as I have read. It sounds as though you are going along the same path as I did. I really started to feel things after about 5 months. By the 6 months mark, there was absolutely no turning back. You have been begun to experience the beginnings of what is yet to come. You know now that there is something to it. I was surprised about the erection/masturbation thing. Everybody is different as you know, so it will all come together.

    Keep moving forward and keep this blog posted with your progress. The amount of detail here is very helpful to alot of guys. I dont know if everyone monitors the blogs. Entries seem to come in streaks.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Buster,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, it is quite a journey with each session being different from the last. They still have the same components but usually in varying degrees. And, sometimes your body will throw in something new. I'm about to post part 2 of my catch-up posts so be sure to check it out.


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