Subsequent Sessions

This is Part 2 of my catch-up posts. I bought the Helix and Eupho package in early July of 2006 so I’ll discuss what I experienced after the first few months of use. Please see my earlier post about my initial sessions.

Bought the MGX
I bought the MGX in December of 2006. I was curious whether the ribs on it would provide additional stimulation to my anus. The Helix and Eupho don’t have those ribs so they only provide minimal stimulation. I had read some posts where some users liked the ribs initially but found them to be annoying later. However, I had to see for myself since each person’s likes and dislikes are different.

When I first inserted it, I really felt it dig into my perineum and it started hurting just like when I first began with the Helix. I was surprised by this since the days of me having perineum pain with the Helix and Eupho were long gone. That being the case, I was glad that I didn’t purchase the MGX first. I can only imagine the pain that a newbie would feel having never used an Aneros before. After a while, this too subsided so it didn’t bother me anymore. Another thing I didn’t like about the MGX is that the larger tab caused it to grab the hairs on my perineum. I didn’t have that problem with the Helix and Eupho with their smaller tabs.

The ribs turned out to be a wash. They were too small to provide stimulation. Plus, reading subsequent posts by B Mayfield mentioned that the ribs help the anus grip the MGX. So, if the anus is gripping it, then the ribs can’t provide stimulation since there is no movement of the MGX in and out of the anus. The smoothness of the Helix and Eupho allow more slipping and sliding within the anus which makes sense to me now. The anus still grips them, but the smooth surface allows some slippage.

What I did like about the MGX was the fact that the additional perineum pressure caused my sessions to be more intense. By that I mean I had stronger and faster body contractions that seemed to last longer than with the Helix or Eupho. This thing really dives in deep! I can see now why it’s called "the submarine!"

Eupho Experience
I use the Helix for most of my sessions, but I have used the Eupho on occasion. Of all the ones I have, the Eupho fits the best with its long curved body. It’s awesome! However, it doesn’t provide as much stimulation as the other two, so I don’t use it as often. If I were to keep an Aneros in me during the day or overnight, this would be the one I would use. Most of the contractions I use to manipulate the Aneros are anal. I have tried to use PC contractions and rectal contractions, but I don’t have enough control over them to allow different combinations. Usually, I use one and then another, never two at the same time. Perhaps, when I can master these different types of contractions, I’ll be able to make it dance inside of me. I would think that that would help with all of the models I own.

Session Frequency
Most of my sessions now last about an hour and I still do them about 3-4 times a week in the evenings when I go to bed. On occasion I will try an overnighter, but I always regret it since I don’t sleep well with the Aneros in me. Still, I keep trying and experimenting.

I don’t use the anal rinse bulbs as often as I used to. When I plan on having an Aneros session, I try to make note of how well my bowel movement went during the day. Without getting too graphic here, I found that the more wiping I had to do to get myself clean, the more I needed to rinse before my session. If I barely had to wipe, then I knew I was good and clean inside and could skip the rinse.

The involuntaries that I have are still the same as I had early on which are basically one or two involuntary contractions that occur after holding an anal contraction for a few seconds. After a series of these, they can start to take on a life of their own and even move further inside to involve my pc muscles.

Body Contractions (Shaking)
My body still has contractions during every session. Most of the time now though, they are isolated to my pelvic region. However, they can spread down to my legs and sometimes just my ankles are contracting rapidly. This is usually a result of the contractions working their way down from my pelvic region, then to my legs, then to my ankles, and back up again. If I'm on my right side, I still occasionally notice my left chest muscle twitching before the contractions start, but that doesn’t seem to be happening as often. I’ve also started experiencing a new type of contraction. These are really strong singular pelvic contractions that seem to be timed with my breathing during an exhale. Since my breathing at this point is a slow pant, that’s how fast the contractions are. I first noticed them during my KSMO sessions so I guess they carried over into my Aneros sessions.

I’ve read that these contractions gradually go away, but I’m not so sure. Especially when I use the MGX, those contractions are strong, fast, and long lasting.

One interesting thing I found is that when there is a break between the contractions, I can lightly press on the perineum tab and cause my body to have a sharp contraction. It’s pretty neat and just goes to show how that feedback loop can get started with anal contractions pulling the Aneros in and out of you.

Post-Session Sensations
On the days that I didn’t have a session, I would get this incredible, and sometimes annoying, tingling sensation in my perineum. Others have likened it to the prostate wanting to be “scratched” with another Aneros session. Since I had read about this as well in the forum, I just tried to ignore it and do something else. I think they only lasted about 2 months before mostly going away. I do still feel them occasionally but they are on a much lower level now. They are pleasant and long lasting but not so strong as to be distracting or annoying.

Some other sensations that I’ve felt involve echo involuntaries where my anus will start contracting as if I had the Aneros inside me. It felt good, but for the most part it didn’t lead to anything further. Early on when I had those I would also experience a shortened version of the body contractions. That was probably more short-lived than the anal contractions, which I still have even as I’m writing this.

I primarily stay on my right side. On occasion I’ll try some of the other positions. I can really feel the Aneros pounding into me when I’m laying flat on my stomach but I don’t stay in that position long since I have an acid reflux condition. I still don’t like being on my back with my knees bent, especially when the contractions start. My upper body moves so much that my head lifts off of the bed and then slams back into the pillow! On my side seems to be much safer (grin). Also, being on my back was the only time that I ever expelled the Aneros while I was having contractions. As soon as that happened, the contractions stopped instantly. The feedback loop had been broken.

I still use Maximus almost exclusively although sometimes I’ll add in some Vaseline if I want to try and have a longer session. I’m still pre-lubing since I’ve found that if I don’t, I get pretty sore halfway through an hour long session.

I’m starting to enjoy masturbation more with the Aneros. I like the feeling of pulling on my penis and feeling the aneros being pulled into my anus at the same time. That, along with thrusting movements when kneeling, can really feel good. I no longer have the numbness that I had early on which is also good.

However, I must say that I still prefer to separate the two. My body prefers positions where I'm sitting, such as on the toilet or on the bed where I can move from a kneeling position to a sitting one with thrusts in between. These positions tend to cause the Aneros to be expelled, certainly when sitting on the toilet. If not expelled, then it comes out enough so that the perineum tab is no longer in contact with the perineum. So, I end up concentrating on it to keep from expelling it. That concentration is a distraction which makes ejaculation difficult. Thrusting with the Aneros in me does feel good, but I'm always worried I'm going to expel it. I'm trying to re-train my body so that I can ejaculate while lying down or on my side, but it's slow going. Those positions would certainly be easier on my knees. I guess I could cut off the handle, which would allow me to sit on it and not expel it, but that section also provides additional pressure on the prostate when you are lying down on your back and gently forcing your hips down. Plus, once you cut it, there’s no going back and these things aren’t cheap.

My primary purpose now for using the Aneros is not to have a traditional orgasm, but a Super one. However, since I’m starting to enjoy masturbating with it more, I’ll keep on experimenting with it from time to time and see where it takes me. It certainly adds variety which is always a good thing where sex is concerned.

Anal Orgasms and Mini O’s
What I started noticing early on was that as soon as the body contractions stopped, I would feel my anus ever so gently contract rhythmically – an anal orgasm. It was not powerful, but it was there. In later sessions, I started experiencing these waves of full body tingling, but only after the contractions stopped. I never felt them while I was having the contractions. Each wave was brief and when combined they only lasted about 30 seconds. They were blissful and exquisite. I could actually keep them going, for a little while, by gently contracting my anus. I wouldn’t call these waves a Super O since they weren’t intense and they weren't long lasting. However, they were definitely gentle waves that I felt over my entire body. I haven’t read about anyone else experiencing this tingling after the contractions stop. I’m sure I’m not the first one though.

I still practice KSMO along with the Aneros, but on different days. I’m still having the same body contractions as I do with the Aneros, mostly in the pelvic region. However, I did experience a brief Super O while practicing KSMO. I was on my right side, as usual, and I was having contractions when suddenly I felt these intense waves rippling down from my pelvic area to my legs. They seemed to occur in sync with my body contractions but not at the same time as the contraction. However, they didn’t last long and didn’t radiate into the rest of my body. They were definitely intense and I knew that I had just experienced something very big. Unfortunately, that happened a couple of months ago and hasn’t happened since. I’m assuming that when/if I experience a Super O with the Aneros, it will feel this way. I certainly hope so.

Well, that’s about it for now. I think I’ve finally got caught up to where I’m at now in my journey. I have a few other shorter posts to make on some other experiences that I’ve had so I’ll do that later.

As before, any and all tips, comments, and suggestions are welcome.