New anal sensation

I had been reading a recent post in the forum and a response by B Mayfield on how to use the prelube applicator. Since I prelube every session, this piqued my interest. He had mentioned that the applicator should only be inserted about halfway inside the rectum. What I had been doing is fully inserting it and stopping at the flange. So, after rinsing, I tried this as part of my prep.

I had the usual body contractions and full body tingling when the contractions stopped, but this time the tingling seemed to radiate out from my anus to encompass my buttocks along with the rest of my body. Previously, the tingling seemed to be focused along my perineum, radiating out to the rest of my body from there. That doesn't sound too exciting or noteworthy, but it made the experience even more intense than usual and different.

I don't know if it was due to how I inserted the applicator or whether I was super clean or just more aroused than usual. On later sessions, I was unable to reproduce it.

I've been having problems with the plunger in the applicator getting stuck or being difficult to depress. This makes it difficult to control exactly how far it is inserted when you're trying to push on the plunger and it won't budge. When I finally get it depressed, I usually discover that it's inserted all the way. I made the mistake of trying to use a silicone based lube with it and then later an oil based lube. When the company says to use only water based lubes, be sure to use only water based lubes. An oil based or silicone based lube will ruin it. I have no idea why. I ended up buying a similar one that is used for dispensing medicine to babies. I couldn't find one at the pharmacy but the grocery store had some.